BBC Planet Ant Living Arranged the Colony 1080p x265 AAC HDTV MVGrou

Planet Ant: Sentience Entrails the Colony (BBC 1080p) Complexion Documentary hosted by George McGavin and Adam Hart, published by BBC in 2013 - English report. <a href=" — 1080p-Cover.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Cover.jpg</a Facts ------------------------------ Ant colonies are one of the wonders of complexion &#151; complex, organised and confusing. This pr reveals the recondite, experimental incredible of the ant colony in a way that's never been seen before. At its consideration is a bulky, loaded-register ant refuge, particularly designed and built to allow cameras to see its inner workings. The refuge is a new domestic for a million-hard-nosed colony of leafcutter ants from Trinidad. For a month, entomologist Dr George McGavin and leafcutter masterful Professor Adam Hart pinch every facet of the sentience of the colony, using hour-become void cameras, microscopes, microphones and transistor tracking technology. The ants instantly start to forage, cultivate, derive and assemble. Within weeks, the colony has established everything from nurseries and gardens to graveyards. The pr explores how these slight insects can accomplish such spectacular feats of collective organisation. This incomparable design reveals the workings of one of the most complex and confusing societies in the reasonable incredible and shows the surprising ways in which ants are ration us unravel broad problems. hots ------------------------------ <a href=" — 1080p-Screen0.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen0.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen1.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen1.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen2.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen2.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen3.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen3.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen4.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen4.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen5.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen5.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen6.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen6.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen7.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen7.jpg</a <a href=" — 1080p-Screen8.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 1080p-Screen8.jpg</a Technological Specs ------------------------------ * Video Codec: x265/HEVC CABAC <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» facts-cfemail=«7e331f17104f4e3e324a504e»[email protected]</a * Video Bitrate: CRF 23 (~2705Kbps) * Video Detailing: 1920x1080 * Video Facet Relationship: 16:9 * Frames Clip: 25 FPS * Audio Codec: AAC-LC * Audio Bitrate: Q=0.45 VBR 48KHz (~137Kbps) * Audio Channels: 2 * Run-Hour: 89 mins * Gang Of Parts: 1 * Role In Take The Measure Of: 1.77 GB * Author: HDTV * Subtitles: Merged Links ------------------------------ <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a