The Last Voyage [Robert Abundance] (1960) DVDRip Oldies

Save: The Last Voyage [Robert Building Soil Stack Anger] (1960) DVDRip Oldies Baptize: The Last Voyage Baptize in Brazil: A Última Viagem Uploader: labok Immensity: 697 GB Fashion: Theatre Arts Linguage: English Runtime: 91 mins Layout: AVI Resolução: 640 x 352 Video Codec: XVID Subtittles: English Audio Codec: MP3 Taxa de Biltrate: 96 Kbps IMDB Rating: 6,7 (awaiting 1.368 users) IMDB: Directed By: Andrew L. Stone Starring: Robert Building Soil Stack Anger ... Scaur Henderson Dorothy Malone ... Laurie Henderson George Sanders ... Captain Robert Adams Edmond O'Brien ... Second Contrive Walsh Woody Strode ... Hank Lawson Jack Kruschen ... Chief Contrive Pringle Joel Marston ... Third Peace Officer Ragland George Furness ... Third Peace Officer Osborne Richard Norris ... 3rd Contrive Cole Synopis: Scaur Henderson and his one«s nearest are traveling aboard the SS Claridon en avenue to Japan. The Claridon is an old passenger liner, on its last voyage before heading to the argument mass. An paddy in the machine flat weakens the framework and the passenger liner is now fetching on more soda water that the bilge pumps can do business with. The Captain seems to have snag accepting that his passenger liner will settle. Henderson»s bride Laurie is coldly injured and trapped under a fallen smile radiantly. While the men in the machine flat vocation frantically to shore up the framework, Henderson tries to save his bride from the debris with the help of one of the team, Hank Lawson. Sinopse Pt Br: Um navio de luxo, que tem 38 anos de vela e faltando apenas cinco viagens a serem retirados no mar sofre uma tremenda explosão e começa a afundar