The Walking Lukewarm - SE 3

About this rush: The Walking Smothered — Salt 3 Determine[clean up] Eight months after abandoning the Greene farmstead, Rick leads his near-locution partner Lori and the other survivors to a large-hearted also gaol complex. They systematically unblocked it of walkers, though are stilted to amputate Hershel«s foot when he is bitten by a walker. They competition a alliance of surviving prisoners Rick is authoritatively sceptical of, and kills their director and abandons another, Andrew, when they try to assassinate him. Andrew, acrid, leads a alliance of walkers to a disobedience in the prison»s hold at bay, infesting the also gaol at the same continuously Lori enters labor while T-Dog sacrifices himself to put by Carol just after getting bitten. Maggie is stilted to polish off a caesarean group to turn over the kid which kills Lori; Carl is stilted to speed Lori to obstruct her reanimating, and Rick, after slaughter Andrew and the walkers, is devastated by the deprivation. Rick starts to have visions of Lori, and the sleep of the alliance pump his governorship abilities. Meanwhile, Andrea, separated from Rick«s alliance after fleeing the farmstead, has befriended Michonne as they tours. The two are captured by Merle, Daryl»s pal who survived being stranded in Atlanta by Rick. Merle takes them to Woodbury, a close fortified community of survivors led by the Governor. Though welcomed by the community, they are appalled at the Governor's ruthlessness, sending his men to assassinate other survivor camps to bag their supplies, and learn that the Governor is acrid over the deprivation of his kinsmen, keeping the reanimated congress of his daughter Penny locked up. Michonne urges Andrea to forget with her, but Andrea is all in from the last eight months and stays behind to try to sway the Governor to alter his ways while confiding with his confidante Milton on his menacing superstar