Throw n Slate America - Parts 1-3-DVD5-PAL

Here is a very charming gem from my archive. Sign In my account for more exemplary bootlegs. Please utilize, allowance with friends and please embryo :) Exemplary BBC music documentary about the portrayal of Rock«n» Cycle. Recommended! Rock«n»Roll America A BBC music series in 3 parts about the blood of Rock«n»Roll All Bropadcast on BBCFour Sacrifice 1 «Sweet Little Sixteen» first telecast July 3 2015 Sacrifice 2 «Whoe Lotta Shakin» first telecast July 10 2015 Sacrifice 3 «Be My Baby» first telecast July 17 2025 BBC Four (DVB-C-Virgin Tivo)>LG booth alone DVD rec>PC>Authored using Magix MEP. Sacrifice 1 - Charming Little Sixteen A documentary split into 12 Chapters. Run values bright and early: — 58:08 In Coryza War mid — 1950s America, as the new suburbia was spreading high-speed in a state riven by national catch, disconcert «n» cycle took the state by catch unawares. Out of the Heavy South came a stress-driven fusion of blues, boogie woogie and vocal melodiousness played by prepubescent bad-tempered pioneers like Fats Domino and Little Richard that seduced prepubescent snowy teens and, pre-civilian rights, got bad-tempered and snowy kids reeling and rocking together. This fledgling vocalize shout out was nurtured by puny non-aligned labels and travelled up from the Mississippi hallway spawning new artists. In Memphis, Elvis began his business as a townsman chorus-boy with a state twang who rocked up a blues thread and sounded so bad-tempered he muddled his snowy listeners. And in St Louis, bad-tempered blues guitarist Chuck Berry took a state thread and turned it into his first disconcert «n» cycle hit, Maybellene. Movies had a big r to apple-polish thanks to «social problem» films exploring the adolescent as individual and lawbreaker — The Romantic One showed teens a insurgent personification and a look, and Blackboard Jungle gave them a soundtrack, with the film«s thread theme Disconcert Around the Clock becoming the first disconcert »n' cycle Many 1 in 1955. Featuring Jerry Lee Lewis, Don Everly, Little Richard, Tom Jones, Wanda Jackson, Pat Boone, the Spaniels, PF Sloan, Joe Boyd, Jerry Phillips, Marshall Chess, JM Van Eaton (Jerry Lee Lewis«s drummer), Charles Connor (Little Richard»s drummer), Dick Richards (Banknote Haley's drummer). more in the info txt alphabetize