Led Zeppelin - Year Of The Dragon 1977.07.17 Zone Loose DVD9

Led Zeppelin — The Year Of The Dragon 1977.07.17 Field Unceremonious DVD9 Artist: Led Zeppelin Companion: 1977.07.17 Baptize: The Year Of The Dragon «The Absolute Edition» Name: Empress Valley Outstanding Disc Venue: Kingdome Spot: Seattle, Washington USA Roots: Gigantic-Tron Supported By «Pro-Shot» *Note: Dual Layer DVD (DVD9) DVD (Field Unceremonious) 01. The Number Cheaply Remains The Same 02. The Traveller Intro / Poorly Again 03. Nobody's Misdeed But Derive 04. Over The Hills And Far Away 05. Since I've Been Loving You 06. No Leniency 07. Ten Years Gone 08. The Engagement Of Evermore 09. Going To California 10. Coal-Black Mother Country Sweetie 11. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 12. Pale-Complexioned Summer 13. Coal-Black Mountain Side 14. Kashmir 15. Out On The Tiles / Moby Dick 16. Guitar Alone 17. Achilles Last Accept 18. Stairway To Eden 19. Whole Lotta Pleasure 20. Scarp And Rota Give One's Opinion Of: 62,000 Led Zeppelin Fans Jam Kingdome They came at incessantly by the thousands, some waiting for two days in the dogs and unhesitatingly for a unplanned to have their ears assaulted and nerves numbed and to say they saw Led Zeppelin. It was a incessantly of pot, pills and popcorn with the popcorn coming in a confining third to the other two. But overall, the Led Zeppelin concert at the Kingdome came off without too much torment. There were several arrests, lots of dope and pale-complexioned lightning smuggled in – either under coats or innards everted bodies – and some very poorly kids from drinking too much. “It's not a bad batch considering the numeral of people here”, one Seattle boys in blue gendarme said of the 62,000 people, “and considering the stature of the group.” Led Zeppelin has earned a stature for attracting touchy crowds which principally keep away from and rioting. But the most check compensation was to the ears and there is a prospect 62,000 people will waste today saying, “Huh?” What attracted these people, principally obdurate-heart scarp fans, was the know-how. It was appreciated by some when the direct canary, Robert Factory, told the load he was insensible in one ear. It was a miracle the whole stripe wasn’t stone insensible. Later, Factory said his hearing came move in reverse during one numeral. The concert started by after 8 p.m. amongst fireworks and people holding up lighted matches, the stage everybody had been waiting for. Throughout the big Sunday, the large load remained well-organized as it waited to get through the gates and have the know-how. At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the 20,000 or so Zeppelin fans waiting at the Kingdome started to singsong, “We want in, we want in.” Hurriedly a decrease rippled through the load like a flutter pushing the face-in alignment troops into the surround. Factory promised that the 1977 drive would be “blood, rumble and the hammer of the gods”. A platoon of paramedics was geared up for the blood and everybody else was geared up for the rumble and hammer in behalf of. -Work-Intellengencer (July 1977)