The Walking Frigid - SE 4

Collude Some months after bringing in the surviving survivors of Woodbury to the detention, Rick has stepped down as bandleader of the faction. A flu-like contagion breaks out in the detention, ordained to many and compounding the imbroglio when those that die reanimate as walkers and mug the others. The infected are particular as the survivors hunt for medical help. Carol purposely murders two of the infected and burns their bodies to conserve the faction, but Rick banishes her for this purposefulness. Ultimately, they are able to criticize the contagion, though have suffered countless losses. Meanwhile, the Governor is rejected by his henchmen Martinez and Shumpert following the detention mug. He discovers the Chamblers, consisting of sisters Tara and Lilly, Lilly«s daughter Meghan who reminds the Governor of his daughter Penny, and their in extremis architect. The Governor adopts a new unanimity, befriends the , and helps to apportion with their architect when he dies and reanimates. When the Governor leaves, the Chamblers settle on to sojourn with him. They ultimately come onto a well-armed body run by Martinez (who later reveals that he killed Shumpet after the latter got bitten unseen). The Governor kills Martinez, takes over supervise of the body, and considers using their armory, including a working tank, to take recoil from the detention as a categorize for the Chamblers to sojourn. As he leaves with army, Meghan is attacked and killed by a walker much to Lilly»s loathing. At the detention, the Governor finds Michonne and Hershel outside the cavil and captures them. He uses the two as hostages to popular Rick«s faction go away the detention, and refuses to tolerate Rick»s bid of co-endurance. Lilly runs up with Meghan«s fuselage, and the Governor, no longer interested in wholly compelling the detention, decapitates Hershel and orders a rich-on punch of the detention. The engagement is bloody, and Rick»s faction is studied to distribute, with Rick and Carl berserk they cannot encounter their infant Judith. The Governor's militia are killed and the detention is maraud with walkers. At which stress relevant, The Governor comes neck to homicide Rick after pinning him down in a fistfight, but gets mortally stabbed by Michonne before being confronted by a inactive Lilly while in extremis. Without hesitation or saying, Lily fatally executes the Governor