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BBC The Sky at Gloaming 2016 Interstellar: The Way to Proxima b HDTV x265-MVGroup Interstellar wanderings has always seemed ridiculous &#151; the bailiwick of technique fiction rather than fact. But that perspective is now changing. On this month«s Sky at Gloaming the get are joined by Jim al-Khalili to look into if it will be possible to wanderings to the sun»s nearest contiguous to superstar &#151; Proxima Centauri &#151; within our lifetimes. Recently, a invention was made that a moment gave us a dynamic perspicacity to want to wanderings to Proxima Centauri. An Ground-like planet was discovered in round around the superstar. That followed the advertisement in April of Breakthrough Starshot &#151; a invent to come to light the technology that could send a spacecraft to the nearest stars in just 20 years. Chris Lintott meets Guillem Anglade-Escude &#151; the scientist behind the invention of Proxima b &#151; to celebrate the astonishing observations that revealed the persistence of the planet (using an incredibly finicky spectrograph mounted on a compress in Chile the astronomers were able to dig up the wee gravitational implication the planet had on Proxima Centauri. They were able to dectec the superstar thrilling towards the planet at a status of just t 1m/s. That's walking velocity). Maggie Aderin-Pocock goes to go through Dr Jo Barstow, an dexterous on planetary atmospheres to search out what we think conditions may be like on the planet. And Jim al-Khalili investigates Breakthough Starshot and the outstanding technology that may soon allow a spaceship to wanderings at 20 per cent of the step on it of slight. Complex Spec Video Codec: x265/HEVC CABAC <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» matter-cfemail=«115c70787f2021515d25»[email protected]</a Video Bitrate: CRF 20 (~1190Kbps) Video Sharpness: 1280x720 Video Orientation Relationship: 16:9 Frames Status: 25 FPS Audio Codec: AAC-LC Audio Bitrate: Q=0.48 VBR 48KHz (~123Kbps) Audio Channels: 2 Run-Everything: 29 mins Troop of Parts: 1 District Evaluate: 271 MB Outset: HDTV Subtitles: Merged