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BBC The Sky at Twilight 2016 Interstellar: The Wander to Proxima b 1080p HDTV x264-MVGroup Interstellar peregrinations has always seemed unworkable &#151; the bailiwick of body of knowledge fiction rather than genuineness. But that upon is now changing. On this month«s Sky at Twilight the combine are joined by Jim al-Khalili to study if it will be possible to peregrinations to the sun»s nearest touching famed &#151; Proxima Centauri &#151; within our lifetimes. Recently, a detection was made that all of a sudden gave us a dynamic think rationally to want to peregrinations to Proxima Centauri. An Planet-like planet was discovered in circuit around the famed. That followed the ad in April of Breakthrough Starshot &#151; a describe to ripen the technology that could send a spacecraft to the nearest stars in just 20 years. Chris Lintott meets Guillem Anglade-Escude &#151; the scientist behind the detection of Proxima b &#151; to over the astonishing observations that revealed the fact of the planet (using an incredibly word-for-word spectrograph mounted on a reflecting telescope in Chile the astronomers were able to unearth the little gravitational purposes the planet had on Proxima Centauri. They were able to dectec the famed persuasive towards the planet at a reckon of just t 1m/s. That's walking step). Maggie Aderin-Pocock goes to observe Dr Jo Barstow, an dab hand on planetary atmospheres to devise what we think conditions may be like on the planet. And Jim al-Khalili investigates Breakthough Starshot and the uncommon technology that may soon allow a spaceship to peregrinations at 20 per cent of the scurry of scold. Complicated Spec Video Codec: x264 CABAC <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» text-cfemail=«d098b9b7b8909ce4fee1»[email protected]</a Video Bitrate: CRF 21 (~3777Kbps) Video Complexion Correlation: 16:9 Video Answering: 1920x1080 Frames Reckon: 25 FPS Audio Codec: AAC-LC Audio Bitrate: Q=0.48 VBR 48KHz (~123Kbps) Audio Channels: 2 Run-Spell: 29 mins Bevy of Parts: 1 Role Measure: 805 MB Beginning: HDTV Subtitles: Merged