Osho_Bodidharma the Greatest Zen Old Hand (20 video files)

20 Osho video files,avi style and corresponding verse files with sutras. Some of verse files have finish questions and answer.. Bodhidharma_The Greatest Zen Pooh-Bah Talks given from 05/07/87 am to 14/07/87 pm English Discourse series 20 Chapters Year published: 1987 .............................. On the genesis of this series of talks Osho said: I have a very docile corner in my stomach for Bodhidharma. That makes it a very individual opening to be obvious about him. Perhaps he is the only man whom I have loved so severely that speaking on him I will be almost speaking on myself. That also creates a profound intricacy, because he never wrote anything in his human being. No commonsensical being has ever written. Bodhidharma is not an freak, but by custom these three books that we are going to deliberate over are attributed to Bodhidharma. The scholars acceptable that because there is no data -- and for almost one thousand years, these books have been attributed to Bodhidharma -- there is no acceptable why we should not allow them. I am not a pundit, and there are certainly fragments which must have been vocal by Bodhidharma, but these are not books written by him. These are notes by his disciples. It was an old custom that when a aficionado takes notes from the pooh-bah he does not put his own name on those notes, because nothing of it belongs to him; it has come from the pooh-bah. and at the end of first discourse, Osho said: "So it is going to be a constant crack to draw off lines, between what exactly are Bodhidharma's statements and what are statements by the writers of these books, these notes. But I can say it with officialdom, because this is my own apprehension and affair too: I assent to with Bodhidharma on each and every purpose. In other words, Bodhidharma agrees with me on each and every purpose. Scholars have been talking about these books. I am not a pundit. I am a Bodhidharma. I will accept what is my asseveration and what is not my asseveration. Get it?"