F1 2016 On All Sides 12 Germany [Breed Only] 720p 50fps 5.1 Enhanced Aud

This video is FOLK ONLY but with an additional audio tail find I holler «Enhanced». Enhanced means the cars and ambient sounds have been boosted so you can actually ascertain them as well as the commentary (SkySports). For the whilom few years the commentators invest 75% of the just the same from time to time talking about tires. I'm convinced there was no valid deduce for the FIA to put in the two-composite irk bar other than to dole out the commentators something to talk about, and I want to ascertain the cars (even the turbo cars). The See Native Sounds (ambient) tail find provides that, but without ANY commentary, and there is some matchless gratify in the remaing 25% of the commentary. I think this soltuion is the best compromise. I«ve posted a few of my earlier efforts on KAT, but they aren»t in the archives. However, this one is much better importance because it«s 6-gutter (5.1) AC3 rather than stereo. The bulk imbalance between the type SkySports tail find and the enhanced portrayal matches much more closely. There»s also the See Native Sounds tail find, which is not used in the origin of the enhanced tail find but I appreciate the uploader (who shall stay incognito) who provided it. I«ve enhanced the first in most cases of the 2016 F1 time (thru Germany). If there is enough avail, I»ll upload a few more. My Internet upload scramble is tolerably easy, so it takes a while to upload files of this enormousness. Get Off On! Imprecise Composition : Matroska Row enormousness : 6.22 GB Duration : 1h 57mn Overall bit count : 7562 Kbps Video Composition : AVC Bit count : 6278 Kbps Span : 1280 pixels Apex : 720 pixels Presentation feature correlation : 16:9 Construction count : 50.000 fps Read Over prototype : Avant-Garde Audio #1 Composition : AC — 3 Bit count : 448 Kbps Gutter(s) : 6 channels Possession : Enhanced Style : English Defect : Yes Audio #2 Composition : AC — 3 Bit count : 384 Kbps Gutter(s) : 6 channels Possession : SkySports F1 Style : English Defect : No Audio #3 Composition : AC — 3 Bit count : 448 Kbps Gutter(s) : 6 channels Possession : See Native Sounds Defect : No