Led Zeppelin - Memorialization Day Fan Version Bailiwick Unconstrained DVD9

Led Zeppelin — Gala Day Fan Adaptation House Unbidden DVD9 DOCUMENTATION OF OWNERSHIP: Led Zeppelin Gala Day — Fan Adaptation VENUE & STEADY OLD-FASHIONED: O2 Arena, London December 10th 2007 VIDEO: Construction proportion rank: 29.97fps NTSC Perception Estimate: 720 x 480 Bit proportion rank: 9500Kbps Side relationship: 16:9 AUDIO: Linear PCM 2 Channels Bit proportion rank: 1536Kbps RUSH: Unceasing Outdated: 2hrs, 10mins, 10secs Estimate: 6500 MB ELABORATE: Gala Day DVD, Led Zeppelin O2 Arena, 12-10-07 (Third Eye Productions), Friends of Zeppelin DVD (no mark), Led Zeppelin A Vocation In At Vocation (no mark), You Tube video downloads > compiled using MPEG Video Wizard DVD 5.0 and exported as mpeg2 row > imported to TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 to reverse sync issues > exported to VIDEO_TS > ran through VOBMerge252 > imported vob row into Womble DVD Woman 5.0 > created menus and chapter points > exported to VIDEO_TS folder > to you. SET BIBLIOGRAPHY: 01 - Tampa Intro 02 - High-Minded Times Bad Times 03 - Go On And On On 04 - Lowering Dog 05 - In My Outdated of In Extremis 06 - For Your Existence 07 - Trampled Underfoot 08 - Nobody's Answerability But Reserve 09 - No House 10 - Since I've Been Loving You 11 - Dazed and Dazed 12 - Stairway to Paradise On Earth 13 - The Tune Remains the Same 14 - Dim Mountain Hop 15 - Kashmir 16 - Whole Lotta Fervour 17 - Swing and Spread Out A Dual Layer disc is required. NOTES: This DVD offering is the perfect disclose using a association of audience and pro footage. It was put together with the aim of presenting a less frenetic adaptation by exchanging some of the bright spirit edits for longer sequences (where possible) using alternate footage that was rule the roost in the arena that evening. Under no circumstances is this DVD to be sold for intimate profit. This DVD is not intended to supersede the officially released adaptation, it is merely offered as an alternate viewing alternative for the fans. If you dig this stripe then please supporter them by purchasing their officially released products