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Led Zeppelin — Long Story Remains The Same Fan Number Province Self-Governed DVD9 Everything the certified come out with could-have should-have been, this save that reading is put together using the various certified releases to now the unalloyed concert in ready. The Long Story Remains The Same — Fan Number DVD: Bron-Y-Aur Surprise And Rumble Memorialization Day Sinister Dog Over The Hills And Far Away Vague Mountain Hop No Accommodate Since I've Been Loving you The Long Story Remains The Same The Precipitation Long Story Dazed And All Bollocksed Stairway To Hereafter Moby Dick Heartbreaker Whole Lotta Lover The Plethora From the father: Mention: I tried to soldier on with the DVD manifestation because I approve the audio mix, less faker family mass commotion. Also, SIBLY was easier from the DVD with MMH already combined. The video satiate for Heartbreaker was used because it was available and the keep loved to turn but hated to desert their families. At the end of the WLL I edited out the paired upset of the conclusion with the smoke bombs going off. My foremost target was to yield the correct traces bibliography in ready of the MSG test. It was named Fan Number — a take off from the Collectors Number Box Set. I was going to press some art labour thrilling off the pass of the sinister box set, substituting Collectors with Fan, but artwork is a disquiet in the ass, same with menus. As common the menus took more formerly than the genuine concert to put together. Memorialization Day was a streetwalker to blend with Yield It On Lodgings. If you hearken carefully, you can attend to the modification from TSRTS to DVD. The DVD PCM audio is some of the best Led Zeppelin released by the keep, especially the Knebworth, they were indistinct years in front of any keep at the formerly. R: By downloading these files, you are representing that you have purchased the certified releases. This is not about thrilling off the keep and their labour -- this is by a fan, for the fans