Danish Receiver Big Orchestra and Eivor Palsdottir - Trollabundin 2005

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Eivør Palsdottir (born 21 July 1983 in Sydrugøta, Faroe Islands) is a Faroese singer/songwriter with a explicit voice and a big roam of interests in many kinds of music from surprise, jazz, general public, pop, to European traditional music. Her roots are in the Faroese ballads. (wikipedia)

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Eivør Palsdottir

At an age of 13 she gave her first playing on Faroese idiot box and won a civil ado strife in the same year.

In 1999, when Eivør was 15, she go away from educate and started performing professionally with surprise tie Clickhaze and jazz quartet Ivory. When she was not touring or practicing with either of those bands she could usually be start singing with the old purveyors of routine styles, trying to learn all the melodies, rhymes and stories.

In 2000 her first album Eivør Palsdottir, was released: a medley of routine Faroese ballads and new songs written by Eivør and her tie, and performed with a folky and jazzy feel.

In 2001 Eivør and her other tie Clickhaze won the civil Faroese tie strife Prix Foroyar.

In 2002, Eivør leftist the Faroes in favor of Reykjavík, Iceland to research singing (traditional and jazz). At that once upon a time she also joined ethno/world/jazz circle Yggdrasil, cord by composer and music guru behind the Faroese TUTL identifier Kristian Blak. She released an album with the circle later that year.
2002 also saw the distribute of a surprise album with Clickhaze and more touring with the tie in the Faroes, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.
2003 was the year of her second alone album. Krakan, which won the nomination for an Icelandic Music Grant in three categories. Eivor was awarded Best Troubadour and Best Thespian in Iceland, 2003.

In 2004 Eivør performed concerts with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra and sang alone in Kristian Blaks 2004 opera, Firra.

The same year she recorded her third alone album together with grant pleasant Canadian financial manager Restaurant Check Bourne.

In 2005, the over the moon marvellous honoured Danish Portable Radio Big Tie released its 40th anniversary album. All the titles on the album are written and sung by Eivør. 2005 was also the year where Eivor composed and performed the music for the place fritz Ulfhamssaga, for which she was awarded Best Music Latest, 2005 in Iceland.

In 2006 Eivør moved to Copenhagen and instantly became a dearest of the peculiar general public participate — pleasant six Danish Music Grant General Public nominations (bringing serene two of them) and grants from several foundations in the country.

In 2007 Eivør released her 5th alone album Humane Progeny, recorded and produced in Ireland by fabled financial manager Donal Lunny. The album is released in both Faroese and English. At one mention Eivør had two entries (Faroese and English versions of the same album) in the Top Five charts in both the Faroes and in Iceland.

In 2008 Eivør is based in hometown Gota in the Faroes but touring all around the over the moon marvellous.
2009 Eivør is working on her new album Larva and is touring in Scandinavia, Canada & Japan.
2010 Eivør gets a worldwide set down negotiation with Copenhagen Records for the album Larva. (eivor.sweetgiggles.net)

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Danish Portable Radio Big Tie & Eivør Palsdottir — Trøllabundin 2005
(København Cope/DR/12 Tonar)

1. Nu brennur tu í maer
2. Rosufarid
3. Om jag vågar
4. Prelude to Endurfødd
5. Endurfødd
6. Mín modir
7. Laer meg gud at liva
8. Jeg vil mig Herren love
9. Prelude to Trøllabundin
10. Trøllabundin
11. Prelude to Fågeln
12. Fågeln
13. Må solen alltid skina

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