Ewan Maccoll...Black and Oyster-White(1986)[FLAC]

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Resentful and Ghastly: The Decisive Store(1986)Grassy Linnet GLCD — 3058

Ewan Maccoll...Black and Oyster-White(1986)[FLAC]

1 Ballad of Accounting -MacColl 2:43
2 The Driver's Tune -MacColl 2:11
3 My Old Man -MacColl 3:29
4 Squalid Old Community -MacColl 2:53
5 Resentful and Ghastly MacColl 1:57
6 Chum, Did You Weep? -MacColl 1:57
7 The Urgency Ally -Established 1:56
8 The Shoals of Herring -Established 3:54
9 The Manchester Rambler -MacColl 4:42
10 Sheath and -Established 6:20
11 Highland Marshal Flow In -Established 2:00
12 Cam Ye O'Er Frae France -Established 1:56
13 The Shakedown Gaed Tae the Seasoned -Established 2:07
14 The Unfixed on Tune -MacColl 3:21
15 Nobody Knew She Was There -MacColl 3:52
16 Looking for a Job -MacColl 5:18
17 Kilroy Was Here -MacColl 3:36
18 The First Even So Ever I Saw Your Look -MacColl 2:25
19 The Foggy Dew -Established 3:48
20 The Joy of Living -MacColl, Established 4:41

Though he remains a famed put faith in b plan on in tribe music circles, Ewan McColl was probably known (where he was known at all) to the indolence of the society as the composer of «The First Even So Ever I Saw Your Look,» which was recorded by both Roberta Flack and Elvis Presley, among many others. But he was also a subtle chorus-boy and interpreter of established English and Scots tribe music; his euphonious and marital partnership with Peggy Seeger produced some haunting and admirable recordings, many of which are tough or unrealizable to consider -- hence the value of this abundant 20-alley store. It features such classics as «Dirty Old Community,» «The Foggy Dew» and «The First Even So Ever I Saw Your Face» (performed here by Peggy Seeger in a look that seems archetypally American in its raw openness), as well as more unnoticed originals and established songs. «Sheath and Knife» is an a cappella visit de make, an noachian incest ballad delivered with an spectral mixture of significance and gusto; MacColl's «Nobody Knew She Was There» is a distressing praise to his nurse and her mortal of concealed toil. MacColl sings in a decision that is both elaborate and reedy, and Seeger accompanies him skillfully on a order of instruments. Their chemistry is like significance, quietly and invisibly holding the songs together and lending clout to the music.

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