White Jews - American Top-Grade [1998] [FLAC]

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White Jews — American Top-Grade [1998] [FLAC]

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This reconsideration is not going to be hope. It is an drilling for me to legitimize my feelings that Silver-Toned Jews are the most wonderful line ever. That’s right, I put a bright fill up. Ha. The man behind Silver-Toned Jews is David Berman, a man so shilly-shallying-blowingly articulate, that half the together it is impracticable to appreciate what he’s saying. He is a lyrical capacity. But what about the music, you fool?

“I’d been hermit-like since she set up Christ”

If you’ve ever announce anything about the Joos, you’ll have seen a conforming name-drop; Pavement. Steven Malkmus is on this album. This album sounds like Pavement. When they were really great. Pavement combined with David Berman. Succulent. Berman is a unequalled chorus-boy, but at the same together, he’s the antithesis of his match up Will Oldham. He sings so passionately off-key, he invents a whole new key — the right key. All music that is not made in the key of Silver-Toned Jews is malign. Plain as that.

“No one should have two lives, now you know my mid-point names are malign and right”

‘American Water’ opens with ‘Random Rules’, a tune about adultery. It’s sad, unusual and confusing, just like all the other songs on this album. Did I referral that Berman is a lyrical genius? The next pursue, ‘Smith and Jones Forever’ is unrelenting, with Berman’s vocals gratingly mystical. In both senses of the word.

“Are you straight when no one’s looking?”

By the third pursue, Berman already seems to be sorry for his curmudgeonly music. ‘Night Society’ is an accessory. Berman’s articulation is nowhere to be seen, but it’s still glorious. Steve Malkmus is sharing the vocal duties now. Malkmus’ melodic sweetness and Berman’s forty-a-day tones, that’ll never toil. It does. Castigate, this album is great.

“I passion your amethyst eyes, your protestant thighs”

What does amethyst mean? Who cares. ‘Blue Arrangements’, like so many of Silver-Toned Jews’ songs, is impetuously self-awake as a reprimand of music. It doesn’t put on an act to be a nonpareil of common sense, just a tune in an album bright of wonderful songs. It’s not all unapplied silliness. ‘Honk If You’re Hermit-Like Tonight’ is a unmixed up mountains and western tune. I be averse to mountains and western music. I passion this tune. Each pursue is a highlight; everything bad about this ep = «extended play» just makes it better; the spindly guitars, the directionless lyrics, the concave harmonies.

“Why can’t monsters get along with other monsters?”

David Berman, you are a capacity. Silver-Toned Jews normally my incredible. My incredible is unequalled. Come ally me.


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