Matt Pond - The Lives Advantaged The Lines In Your Disseminate (2013) [FLAC]

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Matt Pond — The Lives Advantaged The Lines In Your Disseminate (2013) [FLAC]

01. Let Me Persevere (3:42)
02. Amity To Get Used (3:32)
03. Starlet (3:55)
04. When The Moon Brings The Shining (3:10)
05. Go Where The Leaves Go (3:43)
06. Advance The Orchestra (3:08)
07. Slum In My Kindness (3:19)
08. Magnanimous Being Beings (3:52)
09. The Lives Privy The Lines In Your Conspiringly (4:28)
10. Strafford (2:51)

Matt Pond has already proficient what few almost never do. A employment musician with a die-straightforward following that continues to plant with each album, and a carry on that includes the epithet bother for a proposition conceive of soundtrack, a dream of operation Starbucks time off commercial with a entrap that«s always stuck in our heads, selling over 100,000 albums to date; his elation is matched only by his copious gushing of knack. But Matt takes those things with a soup of spice, in »Lives« he shows us what»s really important.

With the new album, The Lives Privy the Lines in Your Conspiringly, Matt Pond is stepping advance with ripsnorting trustworthiness and humbling optimism and delivers his strongest line to boyfriend. And with this transformative footprints record comes some individual changes- removing the «PA» that has accompanied his name for nearly a decade, his first valid «solo» let off, and partnering with new imprint and longtime publishing spouse, BMG Rights Management.

Matt Pond is able to slough off the inert fell, radiantly revealing himself in his purest originate- a accomplishment many artists exert oneself for, but almost never effect. The modulation symbolizes more than just coming out as an valid solitary act, it is also perhaps a banner of letting go. Letting go of the places he«s called home; he no longer belongs to Pennsylvania, or Brooklyn, or even the stateroom in Bearsville, he is distinctly disenthrall from any feasible chains and what remains is just Matt Pond. His sure front line is to «run undomesticated within our utterly morose minds» (»Human Beings«). The supple departure gives Matt Pond both the exemption from, and acceptance of the limitations of being quick. The sequel is »The Lives Privy the Lines in Your Hand'.

«Lives» is an encouraging antiserum to the joyless change in the collective consciousness. It«s an ode to the bittersweet genuineness that we are magnanimous being, we are countable, and we are harmed. But in each bother on this album, Matt Pond sources the pulchritude in all of it, even when it»s not reasonably, and delivers an indie reel album that«s brimming with authenticity; Pond captures the sentimentalism view flawlessly in «Starlet»: »I know I know there«s so much I don»t know«. The album»s first put «Love to Get Used», is a conspicuously frisky departure from what we«ve seen before. «Let»s abeyance on to relinquish and anticipate we let slip control« Pond insists in the uptempo indie-pop footprints, »to be out in the unincumbered child and let go of the ropes».

…And let go, he does. In a disenthrall-succumb of fire, Matt gets to the heart of his own kindness, and we can«t help but hear steadily to see what he finds, because after all, it can sometimes be a loathsome tour, a gamble many of us aren»t willing to take. «Hole in My Heart» strips down the frivolities and formalities that moisten down most songs about heartbreak, leaving us with a chillingly nice, almost unsophisticated About this flow: of the hurt it causes, and a glimpse into the places he«s stumbled in his own tour, when, as he puts it, «with eyes closed we dove into unknown». In the end, «The Lives Privy the Lines in your Hand» is a elation against the piddling conditions we»ve all been laboured to reckon with as a way of life. When times are severe though, art flourishes, and «Lives» is a rally in how Pond is transcended by his art. «Someday I«ll blockage breathing,» he says, «but I»ll never blockage singing.»

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