Florence And The Prime Mover - Lungs (2009) [24 bit FLAC] vinyl

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Florence And The Faction — Lungs (2009) [24 bit FLAC] vinyl

Released: 2009
Duration: 46:15
Kind: Pop/Rock
Cut: Possibility, Singer/Songwriter
Codec: FLAC
Bit Under Any Circumstances: ~ 3,000 kbps
Bits Per Representation: 24
Representation Under Any Circumstances: 96,000 Hz

01. Dog Days Are Over (4:13)
02. Rabbit Brotherly Love (Escalate It Up) (3:52)
03. I'm Not Occupation You a Teller Of Tales (3:05)
04. Wailing (3:34)
05. Renounce With a Fist (2:04)
06. Freulein With One Eye (3:39)
07. Drumming Ditty (3:44)
08. Between Two Lungs (4:09)
09. Cosmic Lady-Love (4:16)
10. My Boy Builds Coffins (2:57)
11. Blow (3:13)
12. Blinding (4:40)
13. You've Got the Lady-Love (2:49)

Ready Brit Florence Welch fired a bullet into the headman of the U.K. music upset in 2008 with the celibate «Kiss with a Fist,» a worthless-infused, bloody summer anthem that had critics wiping the names Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, and Kate Nash from their vocabularies and replacing them with Florence + the Faction. While the comparisons were apt at the rhythm, «Kiss with a Fist» turned out to be a red herring in the wake of the liberating of Lungs, one of the most musically ready and emotionally mesmerizing albums of 2009. With an arsenal of weaponry that included the courage musicality of Kate Bush, the heroic presentation of Sinéad O«Connor, and the foul, unhinged vulnerability of Fiona Apple, the London aboriginal crafted a introduction that not only lived up to the faction-gun difference feast of call up that heralded her passenger, but with no surpassed it. Like Kate Bush, Welch has little (for the most fractional) in routine pop structures, and her songs are at their best when they see something excitement in the woods and veer off of the first see train in searching. «Kiss with a Fist,» as skilful as it is, pales in relation to standout cuts like «Dog Days Are Over,» «Hurricane Four Sheets To The Wind,» «Drumming Ditty,» «Rabbit Brotherly Love (Escalate It Up),» and «Cosmic Lady-Love,» all of which are anchored to the clay by Welch»s knockout expression, a truly affecting and intuitive triumvirate of producers, and a assistance keep that sounds as penetrating with the textile as its the deity. [Lungs was also released in a Deluxe Issue that included Lungs: The B-Sides, a largesse disc featuring studio tracks like “Swimming,” “Falling,” and “Heavy in Your Arms,” the latter of which appeared on the soundtrack for Evening Tale: Downturn, as well as viable cuts (“You've Got the Dirtee Love«), demos (“Ghosts”), and remixes (the »Yeasayer Remix« of “Dog Days Are Over»).]

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