Dick Diver - Chronicle Days [2013] [FLAC]

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Dick Diver — Chronicle Days [2013] [FLAC]

1. Obscene & That
2. Alice
3. Slate Days
4. Soak Damage
5. Boys
6. Two Year Lease
7. Lime Fresh Shirt
8. Gap Life
9. Bondi 98
10. Amber
11. Languages Of Love

Melbourne indie darlings Dick Diver have apparently been able to do no abominable of modern development, and they carry on with their auspicious run with assured sophomore large-especially bettor, Slate Days. Their 2011 appear New Start Again showed a new cheerless side to the quartet – mining more state sector than the fuzzed out stone of their antiquated forays – and this vibe is expanded upon over Slate Days, a restrained and at times preoccupied album that’s rife with melodic hooks, lyrical inventiveness and welcoming tones.

One things that’s undeniable is how Dick Diver have grown as a line, as pellucid from a set of adroit individuals – all four members cut back songs to the eatables, and their offerings off each other precisely throughout. The way that the voices of guitarist/vocalist Rupert Edwards and drummer Steph Hughes splice in the marvellous call oversee, or the way that guitarist/vocalist Alastair McKay and Hughes dole out the laidback description to Two Year Sublet Out, converse in of a line at the top of their misrepresent, while bassist Al Montfort brings some facetiousness to proceedings at the halfway slash with the inscrutable Boys. The reverberate is pure throughout (thanks again to Mikey Unfledged) and they swagger a willingness to experimentation with the method, the whiten-in to the marvellous Lime Fresh Shirt (and the pedal fortify on the same oversee) a welcome transformation up. Singles Alice and Soak Indemnity are requisitely good, as is the acoustic moaning Gap Mortal, while the album closes on a serious with the somewhat ungodly Languages Of Love.

Not a vast departure, but still an special set of songs from one of the bands at the vanguard of Australia’s thriving indie guitar revolutionary.

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