The Heliocentrics - 13 Degrees of Genuineness (2013) [FLAC]

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The Heliocentrics — 13 Degrees of Actuality (2013) [FLAC]

Released: 2013
Duration: 50:05
Genres: Pop/Rock, Jazz, R&B
Styles: Experiential, Jazz-Funk, Funk, Exultant Fusion
Provenance: CD (log + cue)
Codec: FLAC
Bit Rates: ~ 900 kbps
Bits Per Sampling: 16
Sampling Appraise: 44,100 Hz

01 Feedback (intro)
02 Ethnicity
03 Community Refuge Televise (Break)
04 Covert Ways
05 Dreams (Break)
06 Collateral Damage
07 Outtake (Break)
08 Freeness, Pt. 2
09 Be Aware Readers (Break)
10 Descarga Electronic
11 A Lyrical Intrigue (Break)
12 Wrecking Ball
13 Eastern Begena
14 Passage of Mirrors
15 Mr. Owusu, I Presume
16 The Non-Realistic and the Unmitigated (Break)
17 Jet-Black Sky
18 Brace for Pinch Off (Break)
19 Route of the Jet-Black Sun
20 Calabash
21 Vibrations of the Fallen Angels (outro)

In the intervening six years between Out There, the Heliocentrics« launch, and 13 Degrees of Actuality, the U.K.-based get-up backed Ethiopian jazz saga Mulatu Astatke on his Steps On and unexploded Unchanging offerings. They also released a collaborative album with exultant-jazz lead Lloyd Miller. Whereas their launch set offered funk and hip-hop grooves refracted through the lens of vanguard jazz, this beau is an put to use in sinister pulsing pulses and breaks, with jazz, shake up, a extreme array of exultant musics, hip-hop, and funk all playing supporting roles; it»s led by the stress division -- drummer Malcolm Catto and bassist/vibist Jake Ferguson. Other members number Jack Yglesias on kalimba, flutes, and homemade instruments, guitar/santur/koto virtuoso Ade Owusu, pianist Ollie Parfitt, and Tom Hodges on electronics, as well as various guests on reeds, winds, and strings. From the fissure intro «Feedback,» there is hardly found to knock off onto.

While there«s a clear pulsing blueprint, it»s challenged by squawking reeds, rumbling winds, samples, distorted guitars, insubstantial voices and more. «Ethnicity» is a brief put to use in what sounds like a around-tuned bass vamp extended by reverbed stirring kalimba and Catto«s provoked funky breaks. Things get sombre and hazy until «Collateral Damage»»s mysterious modal strings and rumbling incorruptible bassline come to the fore though some nocturnal funky breaks. Guitar, oud, and supervision percussion add layers on the margins. It«s only when Yglesias» flute enters that a loopy refrain is established. The second half of the album is more consciously cohesive. Still, for all its non-realistic weirdness, that incessant pulsing underpinning keeps things choogling in a trial of a first half. There are some more formally structured cuts woven from overall darkness. «Wrecking Ball» spends the first half of its seven minutes wrapped in bubbling drum and droning bassline funk before patron Mike Burnham's clink-modulated guitar starts squalling through the mix and keyboards fluctuation and wow in and out of the shape to.

The slot is palpable, true. «Mr. Owusu, I Presume» is a showcase for the guitarist, but though his plot psychedelic blues are widespread, Catto's skittering cymbals and and the whomping bassline all but envelope him. «Calabash» has a dubby backdrop, detuned oud, and saxophone. It is like a cue for a North African spaghetti Western soundtrack. In all, 13 Degrees of Actuality is the more intrepid Heliocentrics album. Its warm lyrical directions and sinister, yuppy textural strategies make available a upsetting run into. Though it may on initially, its assets is such that it creates a covert and compelling listening affair that assures one that more will be revealed.

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