Johnny Money - At Folsom Dungeon (1968) [FLAC] {24bit 96khz Vinyl}

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Johnny Money — At Folsom Dungeon (1968) [FLAC] {24bit 96khz Vinyl}


Folsom Glasshouse looms wide in Johnny Cash«s legacy, providing the placement for perhaps his categorical to-do and the spot for his categorical album, At Folsom Glasshouse. The model combination of mythmaking and mettlesome aristotelianism entelechy, At Folsom Glasshouse is the before you can say »jack robinson« when Sell turned into the passionate Man in Sombre, a haunted troubadour singing songs of misdeed, conflicted fairness, and penitentiary. Confidently, this nefarious desperado position wasn»t a contrivance but it was an fish story, with Sell creating this aspect by tailoring his set index to his audience of prisoners, contents up the set with tales of knock off and custody -- a bid for run-of-the-mill train with the convicts, but also a sly way to lead one to believe that maybe Sell really did throw a man in Reno just to be prepared him die. Given the cloud of eradication that hangs over the songs on At Folsom Glasshouse, there«s a tempting to think of it as a gothic, doleful issue or perhaps a repository of go mad, but what»s fabulous about Cash«s bringing off is that he never romanticizes either the misdeed or the criminals: if anything, he underplays the seriousness with his issue-of-to be sure ballad deliverance or how he throws out wry jokes. Sell is relating to the prisoners and he»s enjoyable them too, singing «Cocaine Blues» like a bastard on the run, turning a eradication verdict into bona fide gibbet humor on «25 Minutes to Go,» playing «I Got Stripes» as if it were a badge of hauteur. Never before had his music seemed so hardy as it does here, nor had he tied together his humor, severity, and spirituality in one time. In every feeling, it was a breakthrough, but more than that, At Folsom Glasshouse is the quintessential Johnny Sell album, the neighbourhood where his phenomenon burns aglow and relentless. [This Expanded Print Run of At Folsom Glasshouse added three hand-out tracks to the songs included in the beginning 16-railway LP.]



1. «Folsom Glasshouse Blues» (J. Sell) – 2:42
2. «Busted» (H. Howard) – 1:25
3. «Dark as a Dungeon» (M. Travis) – 3:04
4. «I Still Misconstrue Someone» (J. Sell — R. Sell, Jr.) – 1:38
5. «Cocaine Blues» (T. J. Arnall) – 3:01
6. «25 Minutes to Go» (S. Silverstein) – 3:31
7. «Orange Blossom Special» (E. T. Awaken) – 3:06
8. «The Sustained Sombre Veil» (Wilkin — D. Dill) – 3:58
9. «Send a Illustrate of Mother» (J. Sell) – 2:05
10. «The Wall» (H. Howard) – 1:36
11. «Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog» (J. H. Clement) – 1:30
12. «Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart» (J. H.Clement) – 2:05
13. «Joe Bean» (B. Freeman — L. Pober) – 3:05
14. «Jackson» (duet with June Carter) (B. Wheeler — J. Lieber) – 3:12
15. «Give My Fondness to Rose» (duet with June Carter) (J. Sell) – 2:43
16. «I Got Stripes» (J. Sell — C. Williams) – 1:52
17. «The Phenomenon of John Henry's Hammer» (J. Sell — J. Carter) – 7:08
18. «Green, Na Squeal of Home» (C. Putman) – 2:13
19. «Greystone Chapel» (Glen Sherley) – 6:02



Enter vastness : 807 MiB
Album : At Folsom Prison
Railway name : Jackson
Railway compute : 19
Player : Johnny Cash
Fashion : Country
Recorded period : 1968
Expansion : 24bit/96khz Vinyl



Plan : FLAC
Format/Info : Permitted Lossless Audio Codec
Bit valuation fashion : Variable
Bit valuation : 2 584 Kbps
Aqueduct(s) : 2 channels
Sampling valuation : 96.0 KHz
Bit vividness : 24 bits
Scribble Literary Works library : libFLAC 1.2.0 (UTC 2007-07-15)

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