Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - Banging Down the Doors [2007] [FLAC]

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Ezra Furman & The Harpoons — Banging Down the Doors [2007] [FLAC]

Artist: Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
Release: Banging Down the Doors
Released: 2007
Label: Minty Fresh
Catalog#: 70080
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
[color=blue]Fatherland: USA
Style: indie nation,rock

1. Mother's Day

2. How Yearn, Diana?

3. I Wanna Be a Sheep

4. I Wanna Be Ignored

5. American Highway

6. God Is a Midst-Ancient Woman

7. Guest-House Stay in Casablanca

8. Halloween Snow

9. The Little Red-Haired Girl

10. My Emotion Has Escaped from My Body

11. She's All I Got Left

12. I Dreamed of Moses

13. Lydia Sherman

Every few years or so, an artist is hailed as the next Bob Dylan and 99 times out of 100 it«s a clearly unjust likeness. That said, the confessional commentary and odd march of intentional narratives that Ezra Furman spews forth on Banging Down the Doors could have been taken explicitly out of a textbook of Dylanology 101. But the key lender that makes Furman be out from many of the other Zimmerman wannabes and upcoming indie nation revivalists is a in perfect accord name and a innocent innocence that radiate through and coin him most relatable. It»s be like to the «pal factor» that Jonathan Richman had fronting the Latest Lovers and that Gordon Gano had in the Untamed Femmes. Furman connects to his audience intimately, like a alter ego who is casually baring his emotion, and delivers unembellished references and survey theories without a pointer of pretension. There«s a whole lot of heartlessness behind Furman»s emancipation, and he far downwards means whatever he says, no business how unfamiliar the locale. In one case in point, he tries to talk God (who, in this cause, is personified as a midst-ancient partner with planets for earrings) out of marrying «some dull guy» that she is settling for because she«s not getting any younger. In another, he sings from the standpoint of a homicidal wolf that falls in relish with a pursue and desperately longs to modulation his ways, despite his intrinsically untamed kidney and ends his last verse with an distressful holler. Furman»s spirited emancipation can sometimes trouble from the merits of the expository writing as he yelps with an unnerving extremity, shifting between sensitive, quirky, and frolicsome and straining his participation to a squawking frequency that earns comparisons to Alec Ounsworth from Pat Your Hands Say Yeah. It«s an acquired soup, and something that will likely conquer a lot of the audience»s eardrums, which is star-crossed, because it becomes abundantly unencumbered that his purpose is not to alienate anyone, but just the argumentative as he screams, «this is only our first recite, I want you to relish me!» Whether he«s singing from his adverse standpoint, as in the lucid «She»s All I Got Fist,« or tells stories riddled in metaphors in »My Emotion Has Escaped from My Remains,» the themes always believe reachable and the tunes are the personification that with repeated listens. The Harpoons do a enthusiastic job of keeping the accompaniment most understood and Furman, well, even if he«s not the first to try and emulate an iconic nation fable, he»s one of the rare few undisputed poets to do it so well.

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