Ja Be In Control - Be In Control 3 36 320cbr (Big Papi) 2000

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Begetter : 2000 CD

Ja Be In Control — Be In Control 3 36 320cbr (Big Papi) 2000
Ja Be In Control — Be In Control 3 36 320cbr (Big Papi) 2000

By brian
Where has Ja Practice been? I have no intimation, all I know is that Ja Practice is late better than ever. This pubescent gifted rapper is late up in the charts with his new and 2nd album «RULE 3:36.» He has officialy set a information on sale with most singles sold by a Def Jam artist. Everywhere I go and everyewhere I form I keep on hearing about Ja Practice and this album. From the malls to my philosophy. Friends been asking me did you see the video to ja practice. I would say yup hot video and off the entirely melody. If you solicitude recollections the hit «Holla Holla» was reputable you haven't heard nothin yet.

Practice is exploding with his new smash hit «Between me and you,» featuring the pubescent and wonderful Christina Milian. This m of art by Ja Practice contains 16 hot songs. This cd is mostly just Practice and his partners and compact friends matricide Inc. but also appearences from mutiny stars like Christina Milian, Jayo Felony, Lil Mo, Vita, Dave Bing, Tah Murdah, Coloured sprog and Dimness Sheist. Some of the best songs(in my conception) are Fervour Me, Abhor Me, 6 feet under set, Extasy and deffinately Between me and you.

... DON'T BE DELAYED. This cd is utterly advantage it. If you solicitude recollections his first album was reputable go out and get this one, its dazzling. Gather sure you add this album to your cd collection.

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