Paul Haig - The Bend Out Of Shape of Unmarred Fun [1985]

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Paul Haig might be best known as the frontman of Scottish assignment-ruffian confederate Josef K, whose lone endorsed take down played a foremost r in the unfolding of the C — 86 landscape that followed a few years after the group«s disintegration. Haig continued with a numeral of involvements in the following decades, releasing a numeral of records on his own in in to issuing several collaborative efforts. The original-»80s breakup of Josef K also saw him abstain from some of the anti-commercial ideals that he formerly stood for, as he also aligned himself with a numeral of musically mixed names in the manipulate.

Haig was most productive in the years following Josef K, releasing a numeral of singles and zaftig-lengths under his own name as well as Cadence of Survival. Released in 1983, the synth-based The Cadence of Survival (recorded in New York) featured the handiwork of Pere Ubu«s Anton Fier, Parliament/Funkadelic»s Bernie Worrell, and the Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey. Compared to the Android Collude and the British Electronic Organizing, the take down hardly resembled his earlier, frantically guitar-driven drudgery, basing itself in clever pop and alienating many of his fans as a fruit.

A team a few of 1984 singles were recorded with Show Voltaire and Bernard Sumner before Haig teamed up more significantly with ex-Associate and contemporary associate Alan Rankine. A zaftig album was shelved due to hallmark issues, but the recordings that followed were released as 1985's The Deformity of Ethical Fun. Stylistically comparable to The Cadence of Survival, Rankine remained aboard and added his mastery of electronics and production

01. Unruffled Carriage 3:51
02. Nirvana Help You Now 4:03
03. Infatuation Perpetual 4:07
04. This In Extremis Fire 3:51
05. Import of Fun 6:08
06. Shock Me 3:11
07. Big Obscene Sphere 3:59
08. The Only Truly 3:49
09. One Lifetime Away 6:24
10. Infatuation & War 5:40

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