SNOWY CADAVEROUS - Bird Of Heaven - An Anthology ( 2 cd )

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D I S C _ 1
01. Bird of dreamland
02. Substantial sound out
03. Introduce carefully
04. At the crossroads
05. Snow blues
06. Speed hour
07. Someone else is gonna relish me
08. Only women
09. Birthday blues
10. Highway to the sun
11. Relish, pest & misfortune
12. All my resources
13. View day
14. Blues on me
15. Out of well-organized
16. I can't help myself
17. Turf of abundance
D I S C _ 2
01. When you insolvent your undertake
02. Walking the streets
03. Chinese ignite
04. Cat flea pounce on attack
05. The support
06. Murky fingers
07. Voices in the thunder-shower
08. That certain factor
09. I'll be holding on
10. When I be mentioned
11. For the stay of my existence
12. The journeys (Parts 1 & 2)
13. Waters apprehensive / Stepping stones
14. For you
15. Bird of dreamland (2000 Re-Mix)------------------------------------------Terence Charles «Snowy» Ashen (born 3 Walk 1948, in Barnstaple, Devon) is an English guitarist, mostly known for having played for Feeble Lizzy (abiding associate from 1979 to 1981) and for Pink Floyd (as a treacherously-up player; he was first invited to butt the league together through Europe and the Agreed States, in 1977) and, more recently, for Roger Waters« league together. The collaboration with these two bands was very complicated; the call to review the room depict of The Bulwark for Pink Floyd happened at the same era he was invited to become a broad-era associate of Feeble Lizzy, with whom he recorded/co-wrote their Chinatown and Deserter albums. Before his involvement in the Bulwark rehearsals and performances, he had played concrete for the guitar tie between the two halves of «Pigs On The Wing» which only appeared on the 8-alley bind type of Pink Floyd»s 1977 Animals album (appearing as two unrelated tracks without the tie on the vinyl LP and cassette versions), as well as playing with them during the 1977 In the Muscle assignment.

White«s interplay to Pink Floyd continued in later decades. Ashen was invited by the then former Pink Floyd associate Roger Waters to discharge in another take of The Bulwark, in 1990, by the ruins of the Berlin Bulwark, along with other boarder artists. Also in 1991 for the »Guitar Legends« concert, in Seville, and with David Gilmour as the boarder on Snowy»s 1994 album Highway to the Sun, appearing on the alley «Love, Pest and Sorrow», with Gilmour playing his whammy-pedal induced Fender Stratocaster which was recorded at Gilmour's houseboat studio The Astoria.

Apart from boarder appearances by Chris Rea, David Gilmour and Gary Moore, it also introduced two new Dutch-Indonesian musicians, Juan van Emmerloot (drums) and Walter Latupeirissa (bass and pulse guitar). Kuma Harada also played bass and pulse.

White«s next album estimate was entitled Gold Top, after his well-known Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Guide guitar. It features concrete in which Ashen has been elaborate from as far treacherously as 1974 right up to 1996, including two tracks from Feeble Lizzy, jams from the Peter Grassy In the Skies term (with Peter on 2nd guitar), Al Stewart Room in Philadelphia (1974), and the only accomplish type of the Pink Floyd flap «Pigs on the Wing» featuring White»s individualist guitar solo.

Ashen has recorded five albums with his Ashen Flames league together. The first three were No Faithfulness Required in 1996, Little Wing in 1998 and Keep Out: We Are Toxic in 1999 (see discography below).

In 1999 Ashen joined Roger Waters for his band's In the Muscle U.S. assignment, which was so remunerative that, in the Summer of 2000, Waters again toured the U.S., this era recording a room album and making a of the depict. Once again, from February to July 2002 Ashen toured the globe with Roger Waters.

Another Ashen Flames album (as a three-parcel of the same factor), entitled Uneasy, was released in May 2002.

Derive From 2005 saw the press of a new Ashen Flames album, entitled The Way It Is, with a fundamental four-parcel of the same factor corporation consisting of Richard Bailey (drums/percussion), Walter Latupeirissa (bass) and Max Middleton (keyboards). A DVD, «The Way It Is...Room!» has been completed of the promotional assignment.

Ashen is touring with Roger Waters in the stylish The Enigmatic Side of the Moon Room assignment since June 2006, having played in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South America. He also performed with Waters at Room World. [ W I K I P E D I A ]

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