Take Care Of Kelly - Lewd Twisted Passage [2005][EAC.Log,Cue.FLAC]

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Take Care Of Kelly — Lewd Twisted Passage [2005][EAC.Log,Cue.FLAC]

Artist: Thoughtless Kelly
Release: Foul Twisted Road
Released: 2005
Label: Sugar Hill
Catalog#: 3992
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Country: USA
Style: americana

Take Care Of Kelly — Lewd Twisted Passage [2005][EAC.Log,Cue.FLAC]

01. Foul Twisted Road
02. Dogtown
03. Seven Nights In Eire
04. A Lot To Ask
05. Motel Cowboy Show
06. These Tears
07. Sixgun
08. Nobody Haunts Me Like You
09. Mean Again
10. Violated Heart
11. Drop Around
12. Baby's Got A Whole Lot More
13. Foul Twisted Method (Reprise)

One might remonstrate that Thoughtless Kelly is morality at a lot of the same things other option rural area bands be pre-eminent in. They«ve got the same flawless rootsy mix of acoustic-thrilling instruments, and a scruffy sounding chorus-boy to relinquish in the seventh heaven-tedious lyrics. But there»s a unlikeness on Foul Twisted Method, and that«s in how the corps -- guitarist David Abeyta, fiddler Cody Braun, chorus-boy Willy Braun, bassist Jimmy McFeeley, and percussionist Jay Nazz -- puts it all together. From the get-go, the corps shows its skill to relinquish songs like the tenure track and «Dogtown» in the most unstudied, unsophisticated way. The latter unwinds at a flawless, idle walk jolly suited for Willy»s vocal and harmonica unaccompanied. In other words, Thoughtless Kelly never gives one the feeling that it«s amazing an option rural area mimic consisting of one faction endowment and two parts posture. The corps also knows how to span itself stylistically. «Seven Nights in Eire» offers a surprising mix of Celtic and rural area and blending fiddles and stiletto guitar, while «Sixgun» offers rude, rural area-crag. If Foul Twisted Method is a story of spirit and amity on the method, then Thoughtless Kelly has told it well. Fans will appreciate the -carat try, while everyone else -- who»s never quite gotten around to checking out the corps -- will learn it a flawless introduction.

Take Care Of Kelly — Lewd Twisted Passage [2005][EAC.Log,Cue.FLAC]
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