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I eventually got an bait to enlist in Demonoid, where my Google searches for torrents I cannot gather up here keep showing consequential capabilities. I forth all last week grabbing comedy albums which I am now going to upload here. Other than going to the dispute of fixing tags and getting artwork and details, these torrents are as the nonconformist posters seeded them. I am not endorsing or recommending all of these. In factually, I think some of them suck. However, there is a serious insufficiency of well seeded comedy torrents here, and I promise to support more people to stanchion new ones. Also, who says *MY* soup matches somebody elses? The reviews are from ALLMUSIC or from AMAZON. As wonted, much thanks to the OPs who put these out and about.



Rambam1776 note ? by any means the stupidest and least risible commercial comedy album I have ever suffered through.

Rehash by David Jeffries
Balding, irritating potheads who adulation «real» thick metal and Peerless Wars ? the honest trilogy, not the overdone prequel capabilities ? never had a better cocker than self-purported nerd Brian Posehn, a uncanny mate you might identify from his occupation on Just Blast Me or Mr. Verify (although his «Gibbons» birth on Of Age Swim«s Tom Goes to the Mayor is his conclusive upsetting birth). The most surprising possession about Loaded In: Nerd Ire is that all the oddball insigne actor occupation and edgy calligraphy Posehn is known for seems like moonlighting after hearing his conversational and flawlessly at expert in standup presentation. Cynicism, overwhelmed distaste with self, and a heaping hunk of monstrous sleaze are all juggled effortlessly by the man, and while his presentation flows like he»s just talking with the guys, his act is drunk and gives up more laughs per split second than most observational ramblers can put up for sale. Being pop background literate helps a lot, since references to the cessation metal border Deicide, the boob tube verify Extent 1999, and the account of «Greedo shoots first» might be fallen on squares, but they welcome expert in Posehn«s aim audience with arms as much as possible reveal. Tacked onto the end of the disc are two numbers from his thrown-together metal supergroups, Posehn and Titannica. «Metal by Numbers» is the prizewinner just because of its consequential «Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!» regard to cessation metal, and if you haven»t noticed yet, Loaded In: Nerd Ire was released by the edgy metal stamp Become Worse, proving Posehn ain't no nu-metal poser. If you like to pasquil, own a crapload of lowering T-shirts, have repetitively ruined rugs with bong damp, and tear «dork» as a badge of honor, this is your new favorite album.


1. Start / I'm a Reliable Cocker 1:28
2. Dork for Thirty Years 3:12
3. Married Human Being — Sorry Fat Dudes 5:17
4. Puppy Point 2:58
5. Religion's Outlandish 2:05
6. Flick Picture Portray Ruiners / the Unholy Trilogy 5:44
7. Birthday 2:33
8. Reunion 1:11
9. No Besmeared Magazines 1:29
10. Verify a Little Neck 1:54
11. At An Advanced Hour Stygian TV 2:32
12. The Advice 1:39
13. Quitting Pot 1:26
14. Tot / Pot Porn 3:18
15. War's Over / New Boobs 1:32
16. Nerd Ire / the Mattress Fabliau 2:57
17. Yelling Capabilities 4:57
18. Metal By Numbers 4:18
19. Titannica Talk With 2:57
20. Try Again, Again 4:54

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