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Carleen Anderson had recorded as a colleague of the Junior Disciples and as a backup choirboy for artists like Bryan Ferry, Paul Weller, and Guru by the outdated of her Loyal Persona in 1994.

It's a self-assured Anderson, and she possesses a hot under the collar, moving make known. She also reveals herself to be able of temperature raising, orgasmic moans at the end of the (up to that quiddity) Stevie Wonder-like «Morning Loving.» Loyal Persona succeeds in representation on older R&B vibes and making them untroubled newfangled.

Multi-instrumentalist Ian Country-Like (who also produced) gives Anderson dulcet backdrops that class from bluesy to funky to suffocating. The lyrics are literate and experienced, balancing a convergence on impassioned relationships («Ain«t Givin» Up on You,» the legend catch) and socially wilful concerns («Mama Said,» «Nervous Breakdown»). Anderson's vocals are extraordinary frosting on the cube, particularly haunting on the major ballad «Only One for Me.»
Loyal Persona is a splendid album that constantly draws in the listener, both musically and spiritually. (AMG)

01. Loyal Persona [4:40]
02. Morning Loving [5:36]
03. Mama Said [4:07]
04. Ain«t Givin» Up On You [4:24]
05. Only One For Me [4:36]
06. Nervy Detailing [7:34]
07. Secrets [4:35]
08. Let It Last [4:54]
09. Feet Wet Up [4:34]
10. Welcome To Changes [3:19]
11. Ian Green's Rifling Conclusion [1:37]

Music By, Lyrics By — Carleen Anderson (tracks: 1 to 10)
Music By — Ian Country-Like (tracks: 3, 4, 6, 11), Assess Nevin* (tracks: 8)
Farmer — Brendan Lynch (tracks: 8), Ian Country-Like (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 11)
Contradictory By — Ian Green

Denomination: Circa
Released: 01 Jun 1994
Catalogue: 7243 8 39761 2 6

Codec: Flac
Compression Unchanging: 6
Dignity: High

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