Underlying Dreamt-Up Garnering (100 Songs)

  • 12.06.2016, 01:37,
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For those, who need a little bit of Lovey-Dovey.

All Songs that You Like.

Railroad Catalogue Raisonn:
01 Andy Williams-(Where Do I Originate) Fondness Story
02 Stevie Wonder-I Just Called To Say I Fondness You
03 Abba-The Conquering Hero Takes It All
04 Bryan Ferry-Dont Blockage The Dance
05 Richard Marx-Check On To The Nights
06 Linkin Parkland-Do A Bunk Out All The Rest
07 3 Doors Down-Here Without You (Acoustic)
08 3 Doors Down-Quay In London
09 Nettle-Cast Of My Heard
10 Elton John-Blessed
11 The Platters-Sixteen Tons
12 3 Doors Down-Be like that
13 Janes Last-Alone Shepherd
14 Blonker-Sidewalkcafe
15 Far Corporation-Stairsway To Heaven
16 Scorpions-Still Loving You
17 Outspoken Sinatra-Strangers In The Night
18 The Rolling Stones-Angie
19 Intense Purple-Soldier Of Fortune
20 Non-Native-Waiting Aafor A Lass Like You
21 Duration-Ballad For The Duration Lover
22 Fausto Papetti-Essay From Paradise
23 Gloria Gaynor-Iwill Survive
24 Steal Hollow And The Bad Seeds-Where The Flighty Roses Grow
25 Tanita Tikaram-Cathedral Song
26 Roy Orbison-Oh Extremely Woman
27 The All-American Rejects-Can't Take It
28 W.A.S.P.-Keep Holding On
29 Rafaella Carra-Tango
30 The Beatles-Yesterday
31 Francis Goya-Influential Dream
32 James Last & Richard Clayderman-Reflections
33 Joe Dassin-Salut
34 Chris Norman-Some Hearts Are Diamonds
35 Mylene Agronomist-Regreto
36 Madonna-This Used To Be My Playground
37 Blackmore's Evening-Wish You Were Here
38 George Michael-Unwary Whisper
39 Julio Iglesias-Nostalgie
40 Bon-Bons Dufler-Lily Was Here
41 Scar Richard-Teenager You Night
42 Julio Iglesias-Mammy Blue
43 Jason Donovan-Sealed With A Kiss
44 The Eagles-Breakfast California
45 Santana-I Fondness You Much Too Much
46 Spandau Ballet-True
47 The Policemen-Every Breeze You Take
48 Otis Redding-I've Been Loving You Too Long
49 The Everly Brothers-Cathy's Clown
50 Sinead O'connor-Nothing Compares 2 U
51 Aerosmith-Fancy On
52 Bob Dylan-Knockin On Heavens Door
53 Marvin Gaye-Animal Healing
54 Elton John-Candle In The Wind
55 Eric Clapton-Tears In Heaven
56 Roberta Flack-Arduous Me Softly With His Song
57 Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Pal Road
58 The Vivacity-Bittersweet Symphony
59 Non-Native-I Want To Know What Fondness Is
60 John Lennon-Imagine
61 Thewless Bizkit-Behind Despondent Eyes
62 Linkin Parkland-My December
63 Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
64 Andru Donalds-Send Me A Sign
65 Bon Jovi-Diamond Ring
66 Britney Spears-Don't Let Me Be Last To Know
67 Bryan Adams-Please Void Me
68 Chris Norman-Some Hearts Are Diamonds
69 Eric Clapton-Swap The World
70 Eros Ramazzotti-Adeso Tu
71 George Michael-Jesus To A Child
72 Lenny Kravitz-I Be A Part Of To You
73 Steal Hollow & Pj Harvey-Harvy Lee
74 Richard Marx-Hazard
75 Roxette-Lend An Ear To To Your Heart
76 U2-The Instruct Low Her Feet
77 The Esteemed-Over Harmony
78 Berlin-Take My Exhale Away
79 Lauren Christy-The Color Of The Night
80 Whitney Houston-I Will Always Fondness You
81 BI — 2-My Rock«n»Roll
83 Backstreet Boys-Incomplete
84 Belinda Carlisle-Fellowship In The Sand
85 Boyz Ii Men-I`ll Total Fondness To You
86 Enya-Orinoco Flow
87 Guns«n»roses-November Rain
88 I Saved The Globe Today-Eurythmics
89 Jay Sean-Gull It
90 Jessica Jay-Casablanca
91 Joan Osborne-One Of Us
92 Kelly Clarkson-Because Of You
93 Khaled-Aicha
94 Michel Legrand-Parapluies De Cherbourg
95 Phil Collins-Another Day In Paradise
96 Rod Stewart-Sailing
97 Merciless-Only You
98 Seal-Smack From A Rose
99 Wham!-Unwary Whisper
100 Celine Dion-My Brotherly Love Will Go On

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