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From Wiki:
Icehouse is an Australian dumbfound line, formed as Flowers in 1977 in Sydney. Initially known in Australia for their pub dumbfound latest thing, they later achieved mainstream star playing new flood and synthpop music and attained Top 10 singles construct star in both Europe and the U.S.[1] The buttress of both Flowers and Icehouse has been Iva Davies (choirboy-songwriter, annals impresario, guitar, bass, keyboards, oboe)[2] supplying additional musicians as required. The name Icehouse, which was adopted in 1981, comes from an old, faint strand Davies lived in and the weird erection across the way populated by itinerant people.[3]

Davies and Icehouse extended the use of synthesizers particularly the Progressive Circuits Vaticinator — 5 («Love in Motion», 1981), Linn drum gismo («Hey Little Girl», 1982) and Fairlight CMI (Razorback trailer, 1983) in Australian hot music.[1][3][4][5][6] Their best known singles on the Australian charts were «Great Southern Land», «Hey Little Girl», «Crazy», «Electric Blue» and «My Obsession»; with Top Three albums being Icehouse (1980, as Flowers), Rude Man (1982) and Man of Colours (1987).[1][7]

Icehouse's iconic prominence was acknowledged when they were inducted into the Australian Recording Toil League (ARIA) Corridor of Superiority on 16 August 2006.[8][9][10] ARIA described Icehouse as «one of the most famed Australian bands of the eighties and nineties... With an uncompromising advance to music formation they created songs that ranged from sterilized pop escapism to edgy, abundant synthesised pieces...»[10] Icehouse has produced eight Top Ten albums and twenty Top Forty singles in Australia, multiple top ten hits in Europe and North America and album sales of over 28 times Platinum in Australasia alone.[10] As of 2006, Man of Colours was still the highest selling album in Australia by an Australian line.

White Ignite — 30 Hits 2011

Dead White Ignite: 30 Hits is a two-disc compilation album released by Australian line Icehouse on 26 August 2011 in Australia. While it is technically their third best-of compilation, following 1989«s Exceptional Southern Terra Firma and 1992»s Masterfile (not counting a singles box set released in the mid — 1990s that was not to a large distributed), it is the first such compilation spanning the band's unreserved occupation, including both their outset- to mid — 1980s hits and from their most commercially famed duration, outset with the Man of Colours album.

The album presents the band«s unqualified singles catalogue, all in chronological ordinance, with 15 tracks on each disc. There is also a 3-disc view which includes a DVD featuring all 32 of the band»s music videos, also in chronological ordinance. The DVD contains a 5.1 mix in Dolby Digital AC — 3. The compilation was announced on 7 July 2011, in a swarm story by Unlimited Music.[1]

Following the story of the Flowers Icehouse 30th Anniversary view earlier this year, I was overwhelmed by the far-fetched amount of fortify and exuberance there was out there for the unreserved Icehouse catalogue. Many of the requests for what to put out next focused around some of the compilations we had released in the days.

I looked at the days sets and realised that there had never been a collecting of every choose we’d ever released throughout the story of the line nor a DVD compilation of every scrap so that’s what we stony to do. Our criteria for the classification of tracks was that they had to have been released somewhere in the overjoyed as a choose AND have had a scrap made for them (in a join of cases, two clips!). (Iva Davies, speaking in the swarm story).

The album artwork was designed by Sydney construct studio Debaser, and features the laser crate in which Iva Davies performed in during the band«s experience as Flowers. This can be seen in the «Flowers Folio» division of the band»s website.[2]

The tracks were remastered by Steve Intelligent at Studios 301 Mastering.


Disc 1

1. «Can't Help Myself» (as Flowers)
2. «We Can Get Together» (as Flowers)
3. «Walls» (as Flowers)
4. «Icehouse» (as Flowers)
5. «Love In Motion» (Starting Choose Mix)
6. «Great Southern Land»
7. «Hey, Little Girl»
8. «Street Cafe» (Choose Mix)
9. «Glam» (Choose View)
10. «Taking the Town»
11. «Don't Believe Anymore»
12. «Dusty Pages» (Choose View)
13. «No Promises»
14. «Baby, You're So Strange»
15. «Mr Big»

Disc 2

1. «Cross the Border»
2. «Crazy»
3. «Electric Blue»
4. «My Obsession»
5. «Man of Colours»
6. «Nothing Too Serious»
7. «Touch the Fire»
8. «Jimmy Dean»
9. «Big Fun»
10. «Miss Divine»
11. «Anything Is Possible»
12. «Satellite»
13. «Big Wheel»
14. «Invisible People»
15. «Love In Motion» (with Christina Amphlett)

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