VA - 1001 Greatest 1990s music hit singles (1990-1999) FLAC

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Swing, Pop, Grunge, Eurodance, Techno, Put Up, Person, Rap, Variant, Nu-metal, Gangsta Rap, Devastating swing, Surroundings, Britpop, Electronic, BreakBeat etc.


10,000 Maniacs — Sweetmeats Everybody Wants.flac
10,000 Maniacs — These Are Days.flac
2 Bigg ft. Marilyn — I Got The Music.flac
2 boundless — Get Prepared For This.flac
2 Boundless — No Limit.flac
2 boundless — Crepuscule Zone.flac
Tupac Shakur — California Sweetheart (RMX).flac
Tupac Shakur — Venerated Mama.flac
Tupac Shakur — How Do You Want It.flac
3 Doors Down — Kryptonite.flac
311 - All Clashing Up.flac
311 - Down.flac
54 - Loads Pearl.flac
Aaliyah — Are You That Somebody.flac
ACDC — Are You Prepared.flac
ACDC — Moneytalks.flac
ACDC — Thunderstruck.flac
Ace of Mean — All That She Wants.flac
Ace of Mean — Superb Soul.flac
Ace of Mean — Living in Peril.flac
Ace of Mean — The Sign.flac
Adamski — Killer.flac
Aerosmith — Crazy.flac
Aerosmith — Cryin'.flac
Aerosmith — Janie's Got a Gun.flac
Aerosmith — Livin' On the Edge.flac
Aerosmith — Sweetheart In an Elevator.flac
Aerosmith — Pink.flac
Alabama — Born Surroundings.flac
Alabama — I«m In A Dither (And Don»t Know Why).flac
Alabama — Southern Star.flac
Alanis Morissette — Paw in My Pocket.flac
Alanis Morissette — Ironic.flac
Alanis Morissette — Thank U.flac
Alanis Morissette — You Learn.flac
Alanis Morissette — You Oughta Know.flac
Alannah Myles — Our Everyone Our Times.flac
Alannah Myles — At A Bargain Price A Fuss Instead of a Dismiss.flac
Alannah Myles — Sonny Say You Will.flac
Alice Deejay — Better Off Alone.flac
Alice In Chains — Welkin Beside You.flac
Alice In Chains — I Be Over Away.flac
Alice In Chains — No Excuses.flac
Alice in Chains — Rooster.flac
Alice in Chains — Them Bones.flac
Alice in Chains — Would.flac
All 4 One — I Can Sweetheart You Like That.flac
Amanda Marshall — Birmingham.flac
Annie Lennox — Walking on Dejected Glass.flac
Aqua — Barbie Frail.flac
Arrested Advance — Mr. Wendal.flac
Arrested Advance — People Everyday.flac
Arrested Advance — Tennessee.flac
Ashley MacIsaac — Fatigued Maggie.flac
Ashley MacIssac — The Smoothie In The Kitchen.flac
Athenaeum — What I Didn't Know.flac
Backstreet Boys — As Crave As You Sweetheart Me.flac
Backstreet Boys — Everybody (Backsteet's Slyly).flac
Backstreet Boys — I Want It That Way.flac
Backstreet Boys — Larger Than Soul.flac
Backstreet Boys — Give Up Playing Games (With My Sentiments).flac
Bad Dogma — American Jesus.flac
Bad Dogma — Portrayal Of Authority.flac
Badlees — Unease Of Falling.flac
Barenaked Ladies — Brian Wilson.flac
Barenaked Ladies — If I Had $1000000.flac
Barenaked Ladies — Lovers In A Hazardous Ever.flac
Barenaked Ladies — One Week.flac
Barenaked Ladies — The Old Apartment.flac
Barney Bentall And The Prominent Hearts — Do Ya.flac
Barney Bentall And The Prominent Hearts — Doin' Fine.flac
Barney Bentall And The Prominent Hearts — I'm Shattered.flac
Barney Bentall And The Prominent Hearts — Soul Could Be Worse.flac
Barney Bentall And The Prominent Hearts — Oh Shelley.flac
Beastie Boys — Intergalactic.flac
Beastie Boys — Jimmy James (Pattern Variation).flac
Beastie Boys — Sabotage.flac
Beastie Boys — Sure Shot.flac
Beck — Loser.flac
Beck — Novacane.flac
Bell Biv Devoe — Poison.flac
Belly — Pasture Subsist the Tree.flac
Better Than Ezra — Division Of Friends.flac
Better Than Ezra — Desperately Wanting.flac
Better Than Ezra — Compelling.flac
Better Than Ezra — In The Blood.flac
Big Inhibit Todd & the Monsters — Big Dejected Hearted Savior.flac
Big Sugar — Diggin A Tight Spot.flac
Big Sugar — If I Had My Way.flac
Big Sugar — The Scene.flac
Big Disabling — Blown Big Bring Out.flac
Big Disabling — That At A Bargain Price A Fuss.flac
Big Disabling — The Oaf.flac
Billy Joel — The River Of Dreams.flac
Billy Ray Cyrus — Achy Breaky Sentiments.flac
Bjork — Big Ever Sensuality.flac
Bjork — Altruist Behaviour.flac
Abominable Box — Eveybody Everybody (Le Aficionado Mix — 7' Expurgate).flac
Abominable Box — Harry On Ever (Remix).flac
Abominable Box — Horsewhip It Up.flac
Abominable Crowes — Devastating to Handle.flac
Abominable Crowes — Envious Again.flac
Abominable Crowes — She Talks to Angels.flac
Abominable Crowes — Twice As Devastating.flac
Abominable Crows — Remedy.flac
Abominable Lab — Ever Ago.flac
Abominable Lab — Disown It Away.flac
Blackstreet — No Diggity.flac
Dim-Witted Melon — Galaxie.flac
Dim-Witted Melon — No Rain.flac
Shimmer 182 - Adam's At A Bargain Price A Fuss.flac
Shimmer 182 - All The Trifling Things.flac
Shimmer 182 - What's My Age Again.flac
Bloodhound Troupe Conspire — Flare-Up Moisten Burn.flac
Bloodhound Troupe Conspire — The Bad Come Up To.flac
Indecent Rodeo — 5 Days In May.flac
Indecent Rodeo — Hasn't Hit Me Yet.flac
Indecent Rodeo — Distracted Together.flac
Indecent Rodeo — Til I Am Myself Again.flac
Indecent Rodeo — What Am I Doing Here.flac
Blues Traveler — Hook.flac
Blues Traveler — Run-Around.flac
Dim — At A Bargain Price A Fuss 2.flac
Bon Jovi — Bed of Roses.flac
Bon Jovi — Flare-Up of Glory.flac
Bon Jovi — In These Arms.flac
Bon Jovi — Keep the Certainty.flac
Bonnie Raitt — I Can't Play-Act You Sweetheart Me.flac
Boyzone — No Mean Something What.flac
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking In L.A..flac
Brandy — Coddle.flac
Brandy — Have You Ever.flac
Britney Spears — Coddle One more Ever.flac
Britney Spears — You Require me Crazy.flac
Fellow-Clansman Cane — And Fools Twinkle On.flac
Fellow-Clansman Cane — Breadmaker.flac
Bruce Springsteen — Better Days.flac
Bruce Springsteen — Altruist Come Up To.flac
Bruce Springsteen — Polish Off Incorporated.flac
Bruce Springsteen — Streets of Philadelphia.flac
Bryan Adams — (Everything I Do) I Do It for You.flac
Bryan Adams — All For Sweetheart (with Above and Rod Stewart).flac
Bryan Adams — Can't Be Over This Sentiment We Started.flac
Bryan Adams — On A Day Like Today.flac
Bryan Adams — Please Let Off The Hook Me.flac
Bryan Adams — There Will Never Be Another Tonight.flac
Bryan Adams — Expectation I'd Died and Gone to Welkin.flac
Buckcherry — Lit Up.flac
Bush — Comedown.flac
Bush — Glycerine.flac
Bush — Little Things.flac
Bush — Contrivance Inhibit.flac
Butthole Surfers — Pepper.flac
C&C Music Works — Gonna Play-Act You A Horse (Everybody Romp Now).flac
Candlebox — Change.flac
Candlebox — Run Things Me.flac
Candlebox — Far Behind.flac
Candlebox — Uncomplicated Lessons.flac
Candlebox — You.flac
Eve 6 - Within Out.flac
Eve 6 - Leech.flac
Ce Ce Peniston — Decisively (7' Acceptance Mix).flac
Celine Dion — My Sentiments Will Go On (Sweetheart Concept From «Titanic»).flac
Chantal Kreviazuk — Before You.flac
Cher — Believe.flac
Cher — The Shoop Shoop At A Bargain Price A Fuss.flac
Choclair — Let's Harry.flac
Chris Cornell — Seasons.flac
Christina Aguilera — Genie In A Bottle.flac
Christina Aguilera — What A Frail Wants.flac
Chumbawamba — Tubthumping.flac
Collective Person — December.flac
Collective Person — Gel.flac
Collective Person — Listen.flac
Collective Person — Loaded-Priced Declaration.flac
Collective Person — Twinkle.flac
Collective Person — The Everyone I Know.flac
Color Me Badd — I Wanna Sex You Up.flac
Tangible Blonde — Joey.flac
Coolio — Gangsta's Paradise.flac
Corey Hart — A Little Sweetheart.flac
Corey Hart — So Observable (Temperately to Oversight).flac
Cornershop — Brimful of Asha.flac
Corona deed. Ice MC — The Tempo Of The Night.flac
Corrosion of Conformity — Albatross.flac
Corrosion of Conformity — Weaponless My Wounds.flac
Counting Crows — Mr. Jones.flac
Coverdale Page-Boy — Over Now.flac
Coverdale Page-Boy — Gyration My Tree.flac
Cowboy Junkies — Miles from Our Home.flac
Cracker — Teen Angst (What The Everyone Needs Now).flac
Billy Notoriety — Cradle Of Sweetheart.flac
Run Dummies — Afternoons & Coffeespoons.flac
Run Dummies — Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.flac
Run Dummies — Superman's At A Bargain Price A Fuss.flac
Run Dummies — The Ghosts That Beset Me.flac
Belief — My Own Prison.flac
Belief — One.flac
Belief — What's This Soul For.flac
Cry Of Sweetheart — Congenial Pipe.flac
Crystal Waters — Gypsy Bird (She's Vagrants).flac
Cult — Confection Person Sister.flac
Way Of Life Route — Abominable Flowers.flac
Way Of Life Route — I Like You (London Remix).flac
Way Of Life Route — Mr Vain.flac
Cypress Hill — Paw on the Pump.flac
Cypress Hill — How I Could Just Put An End To a Man.flac
Cyress Hill — The Phuncky Determine One.flac
D.O.A. — Marijuana Motherfucker.flac
Dada — Dim.flac
Dada — Dizz Knee Land.flac
Addle-Brained Thug — Da Funk.flac
Berate Yankees — Come Again.flac
Berate Yankees — Coming Of Age.flac
Berate Yankees — Loaded Enough.flac
Dan Bern — Tiger Woods.flac
Dave Mathews — So Much to Say.flac
Dave Mathews — Too Much.flac
Dave Matthews — Run Into Me.flac
David Byrne — She's Mad.flac
DeeLite — Slot Is In The Sentiments.flac
Sagacious Indecent Something — Breakfast at Tiffany's.flac
Def Leppard — Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad.flac
Def Leppard — Let's Get Rocked.flac
Def Leppard — Oversight You In A Heartbeat.flac
Def Leppard — Favour Up (Backlash Sweetheart Into Wave).flac
Def Leppard — Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Variation).flac
Del Amitri — Always The Last To Know.flac
Del Amitri — Dismiss This Sentiment Goodbye.flac
Del Amitri — Unfurl To Me.flac
Denis Leary — Asshole.flac
Depeche Style — Get A Backlash The Silence.flac
Depeche Style — Intimate Jesus.flac
Depeche Style — Conduct Of Truth.flac
Destiny's Newborn — No, No, No interest 2 (deed. Wyclef Jean).flac
Digital Covered — The Humpty Romp.flac
Dire Straits — Job Elvis.flac
Dire Straits — On Every Street.flac
Divinyls — I Come Up To Myself.flac
Dixie Chicks — Goodbye Earl.flac
Dixie Chicks — If I Submission You're Going Down With Me.flac
Dixie Chicks — Prepared To Run.flac
Dixie Chicks — Big Bring Out Spaces.flac
Donna Lewis — I Sweetheart You Always Forever.flac
Dr Alban — It's My Soul.flac
Dr Dre — The Day the Niggaz Took Over.flac
Dr Dre — Fuck Wit Dre Day.flac
Dr Dre — Let Me Harry.flac
Dr. Dre — Nuthin« But A »G' Thang.flac
Mirage Warriors — My Resolution Of A Boombastic Jazz Style.flac
Auger — What You Are.flac
Wordless And Dumber — Deadeye Dick — New Age Frail.flac
Gigolo Aunts — Where I Locate My Welkin.flac
Pete Droge — If You Don«t Sweetheart Me [I»ll Put An End To Myself].flac
Duran Duran — Come Undone.flac
Duran Duran — Peasant Everyone.flac
Eagle-Eye Cherry — Set Free tonight.flac
Econoline Smash — All That You Are.flac
Edwin — Alive.flac
Edwyn Collins — A Frail Like You.flac
Eiffel 65 - Indecent (Da Ba Dee).flac
Energized Boys — Mary In The Enigma Everyone.flac
Elton John — Candle In The Wind.flac
EMF — Unbelievable.flac
En Fashionableness — At Will Your Mind.flac
En Fashionableness — Sustain On.flac
En Fashionableness — Whatta Man.flac
Riddle — Sadeness.flac
Enrique Iglesias — Tempo Divine.flac
Enya — Caribbean Indecent.flac
Eric Clapton — Tears in Welkin.flac
Everclear — Everything to Everyone.flac
Everclear — Pa of Mine.flac
Everclear — I Will Buy You a New Soul.flac
Everclear — Santa Monica.flac
Everclear — You Play-Act Me Determine Like a Whore.flac
Everything But The Frail — Missing.flac
Very — Get The Funk Out.flac
Very — Tight Spot Hearted.flac
Very — More Than Words.flac
Kisser to Kisser — A-ok.flac
Kisser to Kisser — Disconnected.flac
Kisser to Kisser — Pastel.flac
Certainty No More — A Trifling Victory.flac
Certainty No More — Digging The Grave.flac
Certainty No More — Temperately.flac
Certainty No More — Kindergarten.flac
Certainty no More — MidLife Crisis.flac
Fastball — Out of My Inhibit.flac
Fastball — The Way.flac
Fatboy Slim — Homage You.flac
Run — Hey Man Sensitive Shot.flac
Run — Take A Picture.flac
Five — Got The Feelin'.flac
Foo Fighters — Everlong.flac
Foo Fighters — I'll Twig Around.flac
Foo Fighters — Learn To Fly.flac
Foo Fighters — Primate Wrench.flac
Foo Fighters — My Hero.flac
Encouragement — Shimmer.flac
Fugees — Enervating Me Softly With His At A Bargain Price A Fuss.flac
Fun Lovin' Criminals — Scooby Snacks.flac
Gandharvas — Downtime.flac
Gandharvas — The First Day Of Spring.flac
Gandharvas — Watching the Frail.flac
Debris — Special.flac
Debris — I Think I'm Paranoid.flac
Debris — Only Advantageous When It Rains.flac
Debris — Onward It.flac
Debris — Feather-Brained Frail.flac
Clothes Jeffreys — Barrage Hail Swing 'n Unfurl.flac
Garth Brooks — Callin' Baton Rouge.flac
Garth Brooks — Friends In Low Places.flac
Garth Brooks — Place Outside the Flare-Up.flac
Garth Brooks — Roll Rolls.flac
Genesis — I Can't Romp.flac
Genesis — No Son Of Mine.flac
George Michael — Fastlove.flac
George Michael — Exemption 90.flac
George Michael — Too Funky.flac
Gin Blossoms — Allison Road.flac
Gin Blossoms — Organize Out About You.flac
Gin Blossoms — Hey Jealousy.flac
Gin Blossoms — Til I Gather It From You.flac
Glueleg — Wonderful Doses.flac
Go West — The Monarch of Wishful Thinking.flac
Godsmack — Voodoo.flac
Goo Goo Dolls — Jejune Top.flac
Goo Goo Dolls — Crave Way Down.flac
Goo Goo Dolls — Naked.flac
Goo Goo Dolls — Name.flac
Lofty Big Sea — It's The End Of The Everyone As We Know It.flac
Lofty Big Sea — Peasant Day.flac
Leafy Day — Basket Case.flac
Leafy Day — Perspicacity Stew.flac
Leafy Day — Compelling Riddance (Ever of Your Soul).flac
Leafy Day — Hitchin' a Harry.flac
Leafy Day — Longview.flac
Leafy Day — Redundant.flac
Leafy Day — When I Come Around.flac
Guns & Roses — Civilian War.flac
Guns & Roses — Don't Cry (Pattern).flac
Guns & Roses — Knockin« On Heaven»s Door.flac
Guns & Roses — Complete And Let Die.flac
Guns & Roses — November Rain.flac
Guns & Roses — Yesterdays.flac
Guns & Roses — You Could Be Mine.flac
Guster — Barrel Of A Gun (acoustic).flac
Haddaway — What is sweetheart.flac
Hanson — Mmmbop.flac
Devastating Require — Sagacious Within.flac
Harvey Peril — Flagpole Sitta.flac
Headstones — Hindsight.flac
Headstones — Tweeter And The Primate Man.flac
Headstones — When Something Stands For Nothing.flac
Sentiments — All I Wanna Do Is Play-Act Sweetheart To You.flac
Serious D — Let It Rain.flac
Serious D — Now That We Organize Sweetheart.flac
Hi-Beau Id — California Dreaming.flac
Tight Spot — Notoriety Skin.flac
Tight Spot — Doll Parts.flac
Tight Spot — Malibu.flac
Tight Spot — Swing Star.flac
Hookahman — Beauty.flac
Hootie & The Blowfish — Sustain My Paw.flac
Hootie & The Blowfish — I Go Dim-Witted.flac
Hootie & The Blowfish — Let Her Cry.flac
Hootie & The Blowfish — Old Man & Me (When I Get To Welkin).flac
Hootie & The Blowfish — Only Wanna Be With You.flac
Hootie & The Blowfish — Ever.flac
Put Up of Tribulation — Elevation Around.flac
Hum — Stars.flac
I Protect Globe — Another Sunday.flac
I Protect Globe — Levitate.flac
I Protect Globe — One More Astronaut.flac
I Protect Globe — Raspberry.flac
Ice Cube — Verification Yo Self (Remix) deed. Das Efx.flac
Ice Cube — It Was A Compelling Day.flac
Ice Cube — Pushin' Arrange deed. Mr. Shokhop.flac
Regal Teen — Yoo Hoo.flac
Indigo Girls — Ignominy on You.flac
Inner Division — A Horse (A La La La Crave).flac
INXS — Superb Frail.flac
INXS — By My Side.flac
INXS — Disappear.flac
INXS — Elegantly Wasted.flac
INXS — Welkin Sent.flac
INXS — Not Enough Ever.flac
INXS — Suicide Blonde.flac
INXS — The Gift.flac
Janes Addiction — Been Caught Stealing.flac
Janes Addiction — Ideal Frail.flac
Janet Jackson — Alright.flac
Janet Jackson — Abominable Cat.flac
Janet Jackson — Escapade.flac
Janet Jackson — If.flac
Janet Jackson — That's The Way Sweetheart Goes.flac
Janet Jackson — Together Again (Air Expurgate).flac
Janet Jackson — You Want This.flac
Jann Arden — Insensitive.flac
Jars of Clay — Flood.flac
Jeff Buckley — Hallelujah.flac
Jennifer Paige — Smash.flac
Jerry Cantrell — Cut You In.flac
Jerry Cantrell — My At A Bargain Price A Fuss.flac
Gem — Indiscreet Games.flac
Gem — Hands.flac
Gem — Who Will Set Free Your Person.flac
JoDee Mesina — I'm Alright.flac
Joan Osborne — One of Us.flac
John Mellencamp — Altruist Wheels.flac
John Mellencamp — What If I Came Knocking.flac
John Mellencamp — Just Another Day.flac
John Mellencamp — Without Expre$$ion.flac
Judas Servant Of God — A Come Up To Of Evil.flac
Judas Servant Of God — Painkiller.flac
K.W.S. — Please Don't Go.flac
K-Ci & JoJo — All My Soul.flac
KD Lang — Unvarying craving.flac
Kid Swing — Bawitdaba.flac
Kid Swing — Cowboy.flac
The Killjoys — Plaudits & Drool.flac
Kim Sanders — Depict Me.flac
Korn — Dim-Witted.flac
Korn — Falling Away From Me.flac
Korn — Aficionado On A Leash.flac
Korn — Got The Soul.flac
Korn — Shoots & Ladders.flac
Kriss Kross — Elevation.flac
KRS-One — Outta Here.flac
K's Acceptance — Not An Addict.flac
L7 - Shitlist.flac
La Bouche — Be My Lover.flac
Lagwagon — Lamens Terms.flac
Lagwagon — Sleep.flac
LaTour — People Are Still Having Sex.flac
Lemons — Low.flac
Len — Swipe My Sunshine.flac
Lenny Kravitz — Again.flac
Lenny Kravitz — American Bird.flac
Lenny Kravitz — Are You Gonna Go My Way.flac
Lenny Kravitz — Fly Away.flac
Lenny Kravitz — Mr. Cab Driver.flac
Leonard Cohen — Closing Ever.flac
Lil' Louis & The Everyone — Blackout.flac
Limblifter — Cordova.flac

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