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Following in the form of the solid talkie, Snatch's soundtrack starts off with a lyrical bang and a connect minced-up words from Brad Pitt.

The album catapults itself into elevated scamper with the difficult, electronic sounds of Klint and Super to a intact-on schizophrenic music highway. Fetching a note from soundtrack heavyweights like Pomace Fiction and Richie«s soundtrack for his Stabilize B Commit, Range and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch»s is sprinkled with communication clips from the talkie to make public more power to the songs.

Richie«s drop for different music collectives is what makes his soundtracks so pleasing and timeless; starting with difficult electronica to the Latin tango of «Hernando»s Lair,« the two-tone of voice of the the Specials« »Ghost City,« wager to Madonna»s ahead of time pop, and even a well-known Jewish anthem for allowable reach. Highlights of the album group the Strangler«s British new indicate »Golden Brown« and Herbaliser»s conspicuous »Sensual Trouble.» Richie once again proves his skill to smoothly tie together a wide-ranging spectrum of music genres while somehow keeping them focused in the charge instructions of a motion picture just as random as its music. (AMG)

01. Klint — Diamond [3:14]
02. Benicio Del Toro — Vere Iz Da Storn [0:05]
03. Super — Supermoves [4:46]
04. The Johnston Brothers — Hernando's Lair [2:29]
05. Jason Statham — Zee Germans [0:13]
06. The Stranglers — Gilded Brown [3:24]
07. 10CC — Dreadlock Event [4:23]
08. John Murphy And Daniel L. Griffiths — Hava Nagila [1:52]
09. Dennis Farina — Avi Arrives [0:11]
10. Maceo & The Macks — Meet The Tracks (We Better Go Wager) [3:14]
11. Mirwais — Disco Sphere [3:32]
12. Alan Ford — Nemesis [0:14]
13. Bobby Byrd — Hot Pants (I«m Coming, Coming, I»m Coming) [2:22]
14. Madonna — Auspicious Principal [3:31]
15. Alan Ford — Come Again! [0:04]
16. The Specials — Ghost City [5:51]
17. Vinnie Jones — Shrinking Balls [1:07]
18. The Herbaliser — Lustful Trouble [4:52]
19. Gigantic Pounce Upon — Angel [6:15]
20. Charles Cork — Rrrr... Rumble [0:08]
21. Watering-Hole — Fuckin' In The Bushes [3:17]
22. Dennis Farina — Avi's Asseveration [0:06]
23. Huey «Piano» Smith & The Clowns — Don't You Just Know It [2:32]

Tracks 2, 5, 9, 12, 15, 17, 20 and 22 are dialogues from the motion picture.

Compiled By, Manufacturer – Ian Neil, Steve Levy
Wangle – Gary Moore
Director-Manufacturer – Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn

Earmark: Endless Soundtracks
Released: 2000

Codec: Flac
Compression Straightforward: 6
Prominence: High

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Covers Included (600dpi)

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