Mortimer - Mortimer (1967) [Psychedelic Stun]

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Mortimer — Mortimer (1967) [Psychedelic Rattle]

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Mortimer evolved out of a later incarnation of the Teddy Boys, from Hyde Put, NY, who recorded a couple of singles for MGM and Cameo Records in 1966 and 1967. They masqueraded under a somewhat psychedelic nom de guerre, Pinocchio & Puppets, for an two-sided valuable only (the B-side was an Eastern raga rattle adaptation of «Cowboys and Indians,» but is probably not the Michael Lloyd at a bargain price a fuss), which was released by Mercury in 1967. In May 1968, the following members of Mortimer were in the face row of the current TV audience at The Tonight Prove and got the possibly to gratify John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who were in New York to float their new Apple earmark and appear on the prove. The bind long run ended up in London, where — under the supervision of Peter Asher — they recorded a few sessions for the earmark (an acetate of Mortimer«s adaptation of the Beatles» «Two of Us» is said to still be found in the vaults, although it plainly bears little similarity to the Beatles' adaptation). The party plainly came very adjacent to to signing with Apple, but ended up signing a moving picture grapple with with U.K. track record business Daniel Secunda (fellow-creature of Procol Harum boss Tony Secunda) and his B.B.& D. Productions, Inc. The party cut a self-titled album, from which two singles were released, for Philips, but dissolved soon thereafter.

Honoured for almost releasing an album on The Beatles Apple earmark in «69 (before a certain Allen Klein stepped in), this is the New York quartets »67 LP. More acoustic and melodic than their current performances, this ten track record lose album has been reissued for the first nonetheless in nearly forty years and now features six reward tracks. A superb supplement to anyone«s ethnic group or soul collections, a favourably encouraging bind that should have been large, criminally ignored by everyone apart from their in the blood see. Features new liner notes and appraisal tangible by Stefan Granados, first-rate on Apple and Psychedelia. Includes alternate mono mixes of their two singles «Dedicated Music Man» and «To Catch On To Someone» as reward tracks, as well as «Mortime»s Theme« and »Life's Crazy About Music.»


01. Dedicated Music Man

02. Where Dragons Custodian The Doors

03. Would You Believe

04. Singing To The Sunshine

05. Mortimer's Theme

06. Take Your Troubles

07. To Catch On To Someone

08. Waiting For Someone

09. Life's Crazy About Music

10. Yes We Know

(CD Reward Tracks)

11. Dedicated Music Man (Mono 45 Mix)

12. To Catch On To Someone (Mono 45 Mix)

13. Ingenue's Tune

14. Swindler «Beauty Hints»

15. Christine Tildsley (Demo)

16. And They Sand (Demo)


Tony Van Benschoten — Guitar

Tom Smith — Guitar

Guy Masson — Percussion/Conga

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