Combatant Jack Dupree - His Blues Troop & Mickey Baker (1967) [Blu

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Winner Jack Dupree — His Blues Merge & Mickey Baker
Docket: Decca (1989)
Unconditional sometimes: 45:45
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Dupree«s playing is almost all even blues and boogie woogie, with no ballads or pop songs, not even blues ballads. He was not a cultivated musician or chorister, but he had a wry and skilled way with words: »Mama, relocate your insincere teeth, papa wanna abrade your gums.' He sometimes sang as if he had a cleft palate and even recorded under the name Harelip Jack Dupree. This was an artistic narcissism, as Dupree had distinguished, unimpeded articulation, particularly for a blues chorister. — from Wikipedia

They released one album in 1967 under the name «Champion Jack Dupree & his Blues Merge featuring Mickey Baker» Winner Jack Dupree & his Blues Merge Featuring Mickey Baker and one compilation in 1969 under the name «Champion Jack Dupree & Mickey »Guitar« Baker» Jack and Mickey in Grieving Blues. All songs were recorded in London, April 4/5, 1967, and were produced by Mike Vernon. Mickey «Guitar» Baker's descent name is McHouston Baker ~

Winner Jack Dupree (Piano and Vocals)
Mickey Baker (Guitar, Tambourine and Vocals) — 1,3,4,6,13
John Baldwin (Bass Guitar)
Ronnie Verrell (Drums)
Albert Corridor (Trumpet)
Rex Morris (Substance Saxophone)
Bob Efford (Substance Saxophone)
Harry Klein (Baritone Saxophone) — 1,9
Mike Vernon (Whistle) — 1

01 Barrelhouse Chick (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:05
02 Louise (Winner Jack Dupree) 3:08
03 One Sooty Chick (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:26
04 When Things Go Fall Through (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:41
05 Cut Down On My Overheads (Winner Jack Dupree) 3:03
06 Troubles (Winner Jack Dupree/Mickey Baker) 4:39
07 Tee-Nah-Nah (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:05
08 Caldonia (Fleecie Moore) 2:26
09 Under Your Hood (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:40
10 Come Outlying Spoil (Winner Jack Dupree) 3:04
11 Spoil Let Me Go With You (Winner Jack Dupree) 1:46
12 Filth Man (Winner Jack Dupree) 3:45
13 I Quality Like A Millionaire (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:47
14 Right Now (Winner Jack Dupree) 3:25
15 Georgiana (Winner Jack Dupree) 3:15
16 Vaunt, Spoil, Vaunt (Winner Jack Dupree) 2:21

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