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George Wein regarded him as «a considerable melodious genius».

Hugues Panassié said of him, «He is not only the greatest pianist to issue in jazz since In Every Respect War II, but he is also the only one who has created a new rage which is in the accurate jazz form, one which constitutes the active principle of this music.»

Mary Lou Williams revered him as «an asset and energy to the jazz in every respect.»

Steve Allen said he was «the greatest dominant pianist of our century.»

And Art Tatum called him, «My little boy.»

They were talking about Erroll Louis Lay In, the formidably skilled and incredibly rife self-taught pianist who first began exploring the piano keyboard at the age of three and went on to become a unfeigned jazz motto. His finished trade spanned almost four decades and, in that era, he recorded for dozens of different labels, sometimes unaccompanied, mostly with his own troika. His recorded generate occupies 33 pages in Tom Lord's The Jazz Discography. He made all in all more than 200 albums. And he never skilled to understand music...

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