William S. Burroughs - 5 lectures given at the Naropa Organize

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Five lectures/classes given by William S. Burroughs at the Naropa Institute
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Identification / Recorded by: Jack Kerouac Set of Spiritual Poetics

1976-07-20 Address, 1h34m
A address by William S. Burroughs including a fillet recorded experimentation called «Paranormal Voices,» a cut-up experimentation of Brion Gysin, experiments with Sommerville, messages from dreams, The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, and phrases of smallest situation. Burroughs also discusses Shakespeare, computers, Homer, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, and Carl Jung. Address ends with a distrust and support period.

1976-07-22 Pedigree on longhand sources, 2h15m
A pedigree with William S. Burroughs discussing various sources for longhand, including dreams, voices (foreign and internal), and cut-up, giving examples from his own industry. Burroughs emphasizes the weight of egolessness to the novelist and presents his sources as a means to that end. In the course of the scrutiny, Burroughs airs many of his ideas about consciousness. Continuing with his investigation of egoless sources for longhand, focusing on the quality of egolessness, especially its to Buddhist notions of egolessness and nonattachment. Strangely, Burroughs maintains that «the aim of enlightenment is not ineluctably the aim of the novelist.» There are some brief digressions on the between written, verbal, and nonverbal communication. Finishing with a distrust and support period with Burroughs responding to remarks about women, non-referential images, non-linear philosophy, and telepathy.

1979-08-08 Pedigree on originative reading, 1h35m
William S. Burroughs address on Joseph Conrad«s Nobleman Jim and Spunk of Darkness, F. Scott Fitzgerald»s The Lofty Gatsby and A To Make A Long Story Short Lapse Available, and Stephen King«s The Shining. Burroughs also discusses exercises for increasing awareness, books as demented motion picture, codes of supervision, heroes, and the motion picture of Burroughs»s novel Unassisted Lunch.

1979-08-10 Pedigree on originative reading, 1h15m
William S. Burroughs lectures on originative reading, including a scrutiny about various authors including Joseph Conrad, Denton Welch, Jane Bowles, Brion Gysin, and Julian Jaynes. Burroughs also addresses subjects such as art heroes, hemispheres of the sagacity, and the training of assasins.

1979-08-13 Pedigree on originative reading, 1h40m
First half of a William S. Burroughs address on originative reading. The address mentions a extreme choice of authors, including Alistair Crowley, Paul Bowles, and many others. The pedigree also discusses area fiction, non-fiction, normal semantics, scriptwriting, cloning, awful ectoplasm, and judgment in cut-ups, as well as Burroughs's novel, The Lighten Tool.

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