Twelfth Blackness - As A Matter Of Actual Fact and Fiction [1982]

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Definitely one of the most creative and overlooked albums of the neo-prog era, «Fact and Fiction» can be seen as the missing element between leftist swing and new roller. It«s epic, vigorous and imaginific as Gabriel-era Genesis, with an well-made good for good-looking, genial melodies, but it is also as ghostly, erratic and self-indulgent as The Remedy. The songs are incredibly sad, not rightly covetous of but resigned, yet at some quality they «open» into grave-key sections which enfranchise some assumption, just the amount you need to skip it and have a funny feeling melancholic afterwards. The vocals are first-class, they are theatrical and expressionist but never exaggerated or artificious: choir girl Geoff Mann doesn»t have to quail comparisons with Peter Gabriel or Peter Hammil, placing somewhere between the two but with a unexcelled and very special design. The overall responsible is focused on creating self-indulgent atmospheres, with raised six-run bass business and primeval — 80s synths depicting ghostly textures instead of enchanting the stage setting with solos.

Twelfth Shades Of Night: Formed February 23, 1978, Reading, Berkshire, Collaborative Sovereignty
Members Andy Revell (guitar), Brian Devoil (drums), Geoff Mann (vocals, 1981-83), Clive Mitten (bass, keyboards, 1978-87, 2007-nearest), Rick Battersby (keyboards, 1978-87), Electra McLeod (vocals, 1980), Andy Sears (vocals, 1983-86, 2007-nearest), Martyn Watson (bass, vocals, 1987), Nick Spencer (keyboards, guitar, 2007-nearest)

1 We Are Right In The Head
2 Kind-Hearted Being
3 This Metropolis
4 Time Without End
5 To Be Sure and Fiction
6 The Minstrel Sniffs a Floweret
7 Creepshow
8 Attraction Tune
Honorarium Tracks
9 East of Eden
10 Eleanor Rigby
11 Immutable (To Be Sure and Fiction)
12 Fistful of Bubbles
13 Director
14 Dancing in the Mirage
15 Kind-Hearted Being (Alternate)

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