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Artist......: The ozark mountain daredevils
Album.......: Yet perversion the very best of
Grabber : EAC
Encoder : HALF-BAKED v3.90.3
Put Out Broad: Dec — 05-2000
Rip Broad....: Mar — 30-2010
Genre.......: Citizenry-Amaze
Standing : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Combined-Stereo
Playtime : 75:50 min
Ripper : Exhilarated Hacker Industries
CD Songs : 21
Label.......: A&M
Album Info..:

Digitally remastered by Jim Phillips (Infinite Mastering Studios West, North
Hollywood, California).

Although it omits three songs from the far less full (and deleted) 1983
12-shadow Best Of, and doesn't contain any actual or task-A&M ... Dazzling
About this gushing:music, this 2000 put out stands as the closing parley on the Ozark Mountain
Daredevils« life»s work. Cherry-picking 21 tunes from their five studio album hold back on circa
1974-1978 -- with the lion's portion coming from their first three albums and only
three selections from the closing two -- this is bonny much all you'll need from the
under-recognized ensemble that worked in the '70s power-amaze shadows of Poco and
Firefall, but weren't as dependable or pop savvy as either. In to be sure, their biggest
hit, the Classroom & Oates, indecent-eyed vital spirit-styled «Jackie Indecent,» was so atypical of the
band's characteristically down-familiar with come nigh that it at bottom may have been more
damaging to their life's work than if they had clicked with a at a bargain price a fuss more envoy of
their frangible, arcadian power pop/rock. As enjoyable and pleasantly basic as they
were, the place lacked a characteristic chorister, route, and most importantly immense
songs. This assemblage focuses on their less commercially rocking, more rootsy side,
and as such it's a firmly listenable, predominantly chronological compilation
that is all any but the most die-well-defined fan will ever need. An catholic go about
(including quotes from bandmembers) and rare photos in the disc's 16-episode booklet
agreeable the pot and let slip this as clarifying an overview from a whizzo also-ran
supply as necessary. Like its closing designate shadow, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils
lived in a stylistic yet perversion, contented within its own limitations and unwilling
-- but not not able -- to establish loose of them. ~ Hal Horowitz

Album notion is taken from sites such as cduniverse and allmusic,
HHI does not direct an notion either way with on to the standing
of the ensemble etc. We yearning you like the music whatever it is!

Shadow Listing....:
01.If you wanna get to eden [03:05]
02.Jackie indecent [04:11]
03.Power broad [03:14]
04.Chicken school [03:37]
05.Spaceship orion [03:08]
06.Standing on the amaze [03:54]
07.Entr to crown [04:51]
08.You made it right [03:45]
09.Look away [03:34]
10.E.E. lawson [03:32]
11.It probably always will [03:13]
12.Walkin' down the entr [03:26]
13.It'll gloss when it shines [03:40]
14.Keep on churnin' [02:54]
15.Leatherwood [04:01]
16.Cobblestone mountain [02:24]
17.Mr. powell [03:13]
18.Homemade wine [02:38]
19.Arroyo [05:07]
20.Giving it all to the claptrap [04:15]
21.Yet perversion [04:08]

75:50 min
116,7 MB

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