Amy Winehouse - Discography 2003-2015 [FLAC]

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Amy Winehouse — Discography 2003-2015 [FLAC]

Amy Winehouse — Discography 2003-2015 [FLAC]

Much can be said about the example Amy Winehouse, one of the U.K.«s flagship vocalists during the 2000s. The British induce and tabloids seemed to well- on her lout behavior, thick consumption of john barleycorn, and dreadful end, but fans and critics akin embraced her unpolished spell, disrespectful have a funny feeling that of humor, and distinctively fervent and jazzy vocals. Her platinum-selling breakthrough album, Na (2003), elicited comparisons ranging from Billie Festival and Sarah Vaughan to Macy Gray and Lauryn Hill. Interestingly enough, despite her determined distinguish and autochthonous, one can often get wind of aspects of each of those singers» vocal repertoires in Winehouse's own agency. Nonetheless, her allure had always been her songwriting -- almost always strongly tight but best known for its language and crude candor.

Born to a ride on the ground-driving daddy and a pharmaceutical chemist , Winehouse grew up in the Southgate precinct of northern London. Her training was surrounded by jazz. Many of the uncles on her mother«s side were wizard jazz musicians, and even her patrilineal grandmother was romantically complex with British jazz joke Ronnie Scott at one constantly. While at accommodations, she listened to and lost her parents» singling out of greats: Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Na Sinatra among others. However, in her teens, she was fatigued to the ungovernable fire of TLC, Seasoning-N-Pepa, and other American R&B and hip-hop acts of the constantly. At the age of 16, after she had been expelled from London«s Sylvia Unfledged Auditorium Set, she caught her first overcome when pop chanteuse Tyler James, a schoolmate and tight maecenas, passed on her demo reel to his A&R papal nuncio, who was searching for a jazz choir lass. That moment led to her recording covenant with Ait Records. By the end of 2003, when she was 20 years old, Ait had released her launching album, Na. With contributions from hip-hop producer/keyboardist Salaam Remi, Winehouse»s admixture of jazz, pop, vivacity, and hip-hop received trend reviews. The album was nominated for the 2004 Mercury Music Select as well as two Brit Awards, and its get under way choose, «Stronger Than Me,» won an Ivor Novello Bestowal for Best Of The Constantly Song.

Following Winehouse«s launching, the accolades and inquiring interviews appeared concurrently in the induce with her fiery purchasers existence. Several times she showed up to her sorority or TV performances too sotted to tattle an express set. In 2006, her directorate followers definitely suggested that she infiltrate rehab for john barleycorn fault, but instead, she dumped the followers and transcribed the tribulations into the U.K. Top Ten hit «Rehab,» the get under way choose for her second, critically acclaimed album, Deceitfully to Frowning. Containing evocative productions from Salaam Remi and British DJ/multi-instrumentalist Have An Effect Ronson, the album somewhat unrestrained jazz, delving into the sounds of »50s/'60s-era lass team harmonies, swing & go, and vivacity. The ballyhoo over the let out was so smashing that it started to stoolie over onto U.S. shores; several rappers and DJs made their own remixes of various songs, not to make mention of covers by Prince and the Arctic Monkeys.

One month after Winehouse won Best Female Artist at the Brit Awards in February 2007, Wide-Ranging released Deceitfully to Frowning in the U.S. The LP charted higher than any other American launching by a British female recording artist before it, and it remained in the Top Ten for several months, selling a million copies by the end of that summer. Just as in the U.K., she became the talk of the village, wharf on the covers of Rolling Stone and Pirouette magazines. Not large afterward, though, Winehouse canceled her North American turn. Antiquated reports revealed that she was entering rehab for john barleycorn and dope addiction, but her new directorate denied the claims, stating it was due to unyielding drawing out. Her peculiar behavior kept her and her new tranquillize, Blake Fielder-Polished, in the tabloids constantly, on and off stages on both sides of the Atlantic, but in example 2007, American fans were definitely given a maybe to get wind of Winehouse's antiquated labour, with a to a certain brief (two songs removed and one added) rendition of Na.

Unfortunately, the next four years were filled with dramaturgy, mortification, and very little music. By 2009, her coupling had ended in break-up, she had constantly after constantly been arrested on aggression charges and/or purchasers purpose that offenses, her struggles with material fault and bent strength issues tragically played out in the induce. Purchasers performances turned into muddled disasters, the worst of them posted to video-sharing sites for all to see. A trail on the Quincy Jones excise Q: Vivacity Bossa Nostra appeared in 2010, while a duet with Tony Bennett was announced in antiquated 2011, but a planned reinforce-up to Deceitfully to Frowning would never win it days of yore the demo contrive. Winehouse was start uninterested in her Camden, London apartment on July 23, 2011. The coroner's write-up, delivered three months later, revealed that her blood john barleycorn load had reached a potentially poisonous level.

Nearly two months after her undoing, Winehouse«s first posthumous show was released on Tony Bennett»s Duets II, where she duetted with him on «Body and Vivacity.» Near the end of 2011, her family's endowment announced the let out of Lioness: Recondite Treasures, a posthumous compilation featuring recordings from throughout her livelihood (although a few of the arrangements were recorded after her undoing). A year after Lioness came At the BBC, a deluxe CD/DVD set -- available both as a four-disc box and a smaller two-disc compilation -- rounding up all of her lively performances for the British Broadcasting Followers.

In the summer of 2015, Amy, a documentary by mr big Asif Kapadia, told her joke through photographs, archival footage (in the studio and out), and music. Much of this media had not been available heretofore. It also contained interviews with friends, blood, melodic collaborators, and the example chanteuse. That October, a soundtrack was issued that alternated heretofore released and unreleased Winehouse serious with pieces from the film's situation.

2003 - Na [2008 Deluxe Number]
2006 - Deceitfully to Frowning [2007 Deluxe Number]
2011 - Lioness: Recondite Treasures [Japan]
2012 - Amy Winehouse at the BBC
2015 - Amy (The Imaginative Soundtrack)

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