Standup Comedy - Corey Holcomb - The Puzzler Is You (2004)

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Corey Holcomb — The Obstreperous Is You (2004)Corey Holcomb — 01 - Intro
Corey Holcomb — 02 - Opportunity
Corey Holcomb — 03 - Out With Your Girl
Corey Holcomb — 04 - First Date
Corey Holcomb — 05 - Reliable Women
Corey Holcomb — 06 - K-Mart
Corey Holcomb — 07 - Breaking Up
Corey Holcomb — 08 - Daughter's Birthday
Corey Holcomb — 09 - Dating Tips
Corey Holcomb — 10 - Cryptic, Feeble-Minded Thickness Parts
Corey Holcomb — 11 - Erection Problems
Corey Holcomb — 12 - Voicemail Champ
Corey Holcomb — 13 - New Integration Vows
Corey Holcomb — 14 - A Gentleman's Rotation
Corey Holcomb — 15 - Get Yourself A Camera Phone
Corey Holcomb — 16 - Growing Up
Corey Holcomb — 17 - Words For the Ladies
Corey Holcomb — 18 - The Bon Mot That Will Get You Fired From Your Job Holcomb is a American continue-up jocose, disseminate entertain, and actor. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Holcomb got his start in comedy with the help of another Chicago-square jocose, Godfrey.Often billing himself as the «ghetto Dr. Phil», most of Holcomb«s standup substantial revolves around relationships, particularly relationships gone defective. In into the bargain to touring the surroundings, he has appeared as a continuous on the continue-up/improv-based boob tube shows Jocose Expectation, Def Comedy Jam, Last Jocose Repute, and Make Off With Cannon Presents Maniacal »n Out. He has appeared in two comedy specials of his own, Corey Holcomb: The Obstreperous Is You and Comedy Dominant Presents: Corey Holcomb.As an actor, Holcomb has appeared as lodger leading on several sitcoms such as Half & Half and Everybody Hates Chris, as well as two a penny roles in films such as Like Mike and Flick. Holcomb is a recurring expression actor for the Household Guy tell-off The Cleveland Advertise, for which he provides the expression of Roberta«s ex-shush, and Cleveland»s competitor, Robert. Holcomb has been a continuous psyche on Jamie Foxx's aide disseminate The Foxxhole since 2007. He currently hosts his own program, The Corey Holcomb 5150 Advertise, on Monday nights on the Foxxhole, survive from the Conga Reside.

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