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THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE ADDRESS YOU is a 1969 album by the British jazz-overwhelm ensemble Colosseum.

Colosseum«s premiere album is a compelling one, unleashing each member»s important doughtiness at one particular while consolidating each inclination to structure an unpredictable spurt of reformer jazz/rock the next. Those Who Are About to Die Address You is coated with the sensitive saxophone playing of Dick Heckstall-Smith, the noisy keyboard lay into of Dave Greenslade, and the bewildering guitar cleverness of James Litherland. Together, Colosseum skitters and glides through fresh euphonious spectrums of freestyle ]jazz and British blues, sometimes held tensely in come about by Greenslade«s Hammond part, while other times let unspecific by the brilliancy of the horn and prerequisites interplay. Each air sparks its own somebody and its very own verve , giving the ensemble point stain upon the album»s unloose in 1969. Not only did Colosseum in good condition different from other jazz fusion bands of the era, but they could indisputably take the unconventional elements of their pattern and churn them into palatable and well meritorious euphonious thoroughfares. Some of the more compelling tracks file «Walking in the Parkland,» led by its compelling trumpet segments, and «Pretty Good Break,» which embarks on a blues sail with colorful keyboard sections on the ambit. «Beware the Ides of March» borrows a foot-boy out of J.S. Bach«s notebook and turns his greek poignancy out, while «Mandarin» and «Backwater Blues» are created with the excellent jazz and blues rapport in take care of, representing Colosseum»s fused in good condition spotlessly. Best of all, the album never strays from its forcefulness or its creativity, the very endowment that the ensemble is built on. Their next album, Valentyne Series, mirrors the same important congruity as Those Who Are About to Die, and is equally interesting. ~ Mike DeGagne

UK reissue of the reformer overwhelm act's 1969 unloose. House Of God. 2004.

Output Details
Audio CD (October 26, 2004)
Unique Unloose Rendezvous: July 26, 2004
Hundred of Discs: 1
Contents: Unique recording remastered
Brand: House Of God

1. Walking in the Parkland
2. Piles Good Break
3. Mandarin
4. Premiere
5. Be Cautious the Ides of Cortege
6. Procedure She Walked Before
7. Backwater Blues
8. Those About to Die
9. I Can't Alight Without You [Studio Outtake]
10. Whiter Spade Than Mayall
11. Walking in the Parkland
12. Be Cautious the Ides of Cortege
13. Piles Good Break
14. Walking in the Parkland

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