Crosby, Stills, Nash & Boyish - Studio Archives 1969 [FLAC]

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Boyish — Studio Archives 1969 [FLAC]

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Teenaged — Studio Archives 1969
Label: Not On Mark — BCD 0405
Appearance: CD, Unauthorized Deliver, Compilation
Released: 2006
Category: Rock
Rage: Society Rock

Studio outtakes recorded from june to december 1969 at Wally Heider's Studio San Fransico

Unauthorized deliver — bonzer bitch quality


1 Everybody«s Talkin» (CSN Variant) 3:16
2 How Have You Been (CSN Variant) 4:00
3 Coal-Black Beauty Queen Riff / Huddle 1:10
4 Triad (Acoustic Studio Take) 5:40
5 Almost Cut My Mane (Acoustic Outtake) 4:44
6 Mundane We Contemporary (Stills' Unreleased Number Cheaply) 4:35
7 Sea Of Illogic (Studio Take) 2:40
8 The Lee Shore (Diff. Vocal Take) 7:18
9 Everybody I Fondness You (Unedited Underlying Follow) 6:43
10 I«ll Be There (Stills» Unreleased Number Cheaply) 3:44
11 Blackbird (Takes 1-4) 9:00
12 Ivory Dungeon (Stills' Unreleased Number Cheaply) 3:51
13 30 Dollar Superior (Stills' Unreleased Number Cheaply) 4:49
14 Everybody's Been Burned (Nash Variant) 4:23
15 You«re Asperse Spoil (Nash»s Unreleased Number Cheaply) 1:45
16 Everybody«s Alone (Young»s Unreleased Number Cheaply, CSNY Variant) 2:28

1. Everybody«s Talkin» (Neil): CSN acoustic
Accurate acoustic reading with combative Stills vocal and debatable congruity from
Crosby. No Nash. Stills is using his dropped D tuning social from Suite
Judy Titillating Eyes. Same conference as 2 and probably 11.

Stills: get under way vocal, acoustic guitar. Crosby: congruity vocal.

2. How Have You Been? (Sebastian): CSN acoustic
An acoustic portrayal from CSN, with well-made 3 purposes harmonies and Stills
playing his dropped D acoustic. Sounds like the same conference as 1 and
probably 11. Body fantastic.

Stills: get under way vocal, acoustic guitar. Crosby: congruity vocal. Nash: harmony

3. studio chat
almost certainly a continuation of 3, with Crosby and Stills discussing
working with The Appreciative Impervious and Stills noodling on his acoustic,
including the riff from Coal-Black Queen

4. Triad (Crosby): Crosby solo
The orchestration is not quite as worked out as the 4-Way Avenue variant, but
this is still wonderful.

Crosby: 12-drag out guitar, vocals

5. Almost Cut My Mane (Crosby): Crosby solo
With none of the power of the Deja Vu thorough bandeau variant. Accurate, though.

6. Mundane We Contemporary (Stills) : CSNY electric
Forgettable Stills number cheaply. Sounds like a «CSN» outtake, with get under way guitar
equivalent to Pre-Avenue Downs. Approval vocals from Crosby and Nash, or possibly
Stills multi-tracked. In points, Stills could go along with and rat everything here.

There are recognizable gaps for guitar solos suggesting the follow was never
Stills: dual-tracked get under way vocal, get under way guitar. Other instrumentation: 2nd
guitar, fortnightly, bass, drums, tambourine, approval vocals

7. Sea of Illogic (Teenaged): CSNY electric
Almost certainly a practice take, day one with a decomposition and a full
take from the 2nd verse in front. Bonzer guitar alone.

Teenaged: vocals, guitar (?). Stills: get under way guitar. Crosby: tempo guitar. Other
instrumentation: fortnightly (Nash?), bass, drums

8. The Lee Shore (Crosby): CSNY electric
This is the same as the variant released on the CSN box set, but with a
different get under way vocal from Crosby, and no congruity vocal from Nash (which was
ostensibly overdubbed in 1991)
Crosby: vocals, electrifying guitar. Stills (?): get under way guitar . Teenaged (?):
acoustic guitar/harmonica. Other instrumentation: bass, drums

9. You Can Cut A Rug Tangible Beneficent (Stills): CSNY electric
Listed as an beneficial but sounding like a approval follow waiting for
vocal overdubs. Very equivalent to Everybody I Fondness You.

Stills: get under way guitar. Other instrumentation: 2nd guitar, fortnightly, bass, drums

10. I'll Be There (Stills): CSNY electric
Another forgettable, unfinished Stills number cheaply.

Stills: get under way guitar, vocals. Other instrumentation: fortnightly, bass, drums.

11. Blackbird (McCartney/Lennon): CSN acoustic
Outtakes from «CSN» sessions. Four takes, the first a decomposition, the third
used on the CSN box set. Beautiful.

Stills: acoustic guitar, vocals. Crosby: congruity vocals. Nash: harmony

12. Ivory Dungeon (Stills): CSNY electric
Bonzer Stills outtake, Stills can be identified on get under way guitar and piano,
so this must have been overdubbed before being sinful. The lyrics refer
to «ivory tower» (later used in Sugar Babe on Stephen Stills 2), and "the
find of the one" (later used in The Find on Manassas)
Stills: vocal, get under way guitar, piano. Teenaged (?): get under way guitar. Other
instrumentation: bass, drums, tambourine.

13. $30 Superior (Stills): CSNY electric
Very much an outtake!
Stills: vocal, get under way guitar. Crosby: tempo guitar. Other instrumentation:
fortnightly, bass, drums.

14. Everybody's Been Burned (Crosby): Nash alone acoustic
Nash«s dreary take on a number cheaply from The Byrd»s Younger Than Yesterday album
Nash: acoustic guitar, vocals

15. You're Asperse Babe (Nash): Nash solo
Insult pop number cheaply.

Nash: fortnightly, vocals

16. Everybody's Alone (Teenaged): CSNY electric
A rare Neil number cheaply, only earlier available as a alone acoustic recording for
KQED in January 1970, this is an bonzer thorough bandeau CSNY variant.

Teenaged: vocals, acoustic guitar (?). Stills (?): fortnightly. Crosby (?): electric
tempo guitar. Other instrumentation: bass, drums.

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