John Coltrane - 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]

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John Coltrane

1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions

2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]

John Coltrane

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]
John Coltrane in 1963

John William Coltrane, also known as «Trane» (September 23, 1926 – July 17, 1967), was an American jazz saxophonist and composer. Working in the bebop and tyrannical bop idioms break of dawn in his occupation, Coltrane helped the use of modes in jazz and was later at the forefront of unrestricted jazz. He led at least fifty recording sessions during his occupation, and appeared as a sideman on many albums by other musicians, including trumpeter Miles Davis and pianist Thelonious Monk.

As his occupation progressed, Coltrane and his music took on an increasingly clerical dimension. Coltrane influenced innumerable musicians, and remains one of the most pithy saxophonists in music information. He received many posthumous awards and recognitions, including canonization by the African Popular Church as Saint John William Coltrane and a extra Pulitzer Champion in 2007. His second woman was pianist Alice Coltrane and their son Ravi Coltrane is also a saxophonist.

Afro Gloomy Impressions (2CD) (2013 HDtracks)

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]

Artist: John Coltrane
Championship: Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded)
Layout: 12 × Information, FLAC, Album, Remastered, Expanded, 24bit 192kHz (HDtracks)
In: Norman Granz
Set Epoch: 1977, (2013)
Recording Epoch: October 22 - November 2, 1963
Earmark: Pablo Records
Variety: Jazz, Tyrannical bop, Modal, Avant-garde
Duration: 02:04:57
Website: — 135596

Afro Gloomy Impressions is an album by jazz musician John Coltrane recorded tangible in 1963 and released on the Pablo earmark in 1977 as a double-dealing LP.

AllMusic Look At by Thom Jurek:
The recordings that manage up Afro Gloomy Impressions were acquired by jazz impresario/auteur Norman Granz during the tours he produced for many jazz artists during the 1960s, though they weren«t issued until 1973. Recorded at shows in Berlin and Stockholm, the John Coltrane Quartet -- with pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Elvin Jones -- is in tremendous method here, using a unrestrained repertoire in correct to enlarge upon the group»s own structure blocks in creating the new pylon-harmonic practice that the saxophonist was developing. This is understandable almost right now in the first few minutes of send-off mass «Lonnie's Sorrow For,» where Coltrane begins reaching with his arpeggios to notes that aren«t even on the horn in his frenetic unaccompanied and his duet with Jones. That said, there is enough of the quartet»s own pledge with the tune«s inventive architecture to sate all but the most temperate of Coltrane listeners. The incandescent razor-calculating meet on bracelets and lyricism applied in «Naima» reveals Tyner utilizing numerous subtly shaded chord voicings to spur Coltrane»s set before sweet probe of the harmony. Of course, the 21-one sec translation of «My Favorite Things» points right away at the territories the quartet would travel on the near albums Lunette and A Weakness Choice and, in its most brash moments, somewhere beyond them. Tyner«s arpeggios and ostinatos are calculating and task force here, responding to Jones» driving noose and cymbals. Coltrane«s soprano moves between blues, Dorian modes, and even Eastern scalar articulations in his unaccompanied. «Afro Blue» is a cadence prang, where method gives way to some of Trane»s most angular soprano playing, pushing the limits of the wherewithal and his own guile to near breaking points. As the two desire set-closers -- «Spiritual» and «Impressions» -- debauch, the league was not yet finished with more formal structures. They charge at them, but still partake in accustomed ideas of euphony even as modes and meta scales control. Plentiful corroboration can be institute in the moaning truth overtones of the former, which overturn out the discerning blues in Tyner«s unaccompanied, and in Coltrane»s knotty bop command, which commences the latter in prepayment of his manic, wildly creative unaccompanied. Afro Gloomy Impressions is the look like of one of the greatest -- albeit slight-lived -- quartets in jazz information sinker coming into its own in concert.

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]


01. Lonnie's Sorrow For — 10:07
02. Naima — 7:58
03. Chasin' The Trane — 5:45
04. My Favorite Things — 21:02
05. Afro Gloomy — 7:34
06. Cousin Mary — 9:53


01. I Want To Talk About You — 8:15
02. Clerical — 12:15
03. Impressions — 11:30

Bonus Tracks:

04. Naima [Stockholm 10/22/63] — 6:49
05. I Want To Talk About You [Stockholm 10/22/63] — 9:53
06. My Favorite Things [Stockholm 10/22/63] — 13:56


John Coltrane — tone sax, soprano sax
McCoy Tyner — piano
Jimmy Garrison — double-dealing bass
Elvin Jones — drums


Disc 1 and Disc 2, #1 recorded tangible in Auditorium Summit, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin; November 2, 1963.

Disc 2, #2-6 recorded tangible in Konserthuset, Stockholm; October 22, 1963.

Remastering: Joe Tarantino Mastering, Berkeley, CA

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]

John Coltrane — 1977 - Afro Gloomy Impressions (Remastered & Expanded) (2CD) (2013 HDtracks) [FLAC@192khz24bit]


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