Slab (Funk-Disco) - First 4 Albums (1976-1980) FLAC

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Slab (Funk-Disco) — First 4 Albums (1976-1980) FLAC

Brick (Funk-Disco) — First 4 Albums (1976-1980) FLAC

Chunk was an Atlanta group that created a flush commingling of disco and jazz in the «70s they called «dazz.» Brick»s roster included clear the way vocalist/saxophonist/flutist Jimmy Brown; guitarist/bassist/vocalist Regi Hargis Hickman; clear the way songster Ray Release, who doubled as a bassist/keyboardist/percussionist, and Eddie Irons, who sang clear the way vocals and played drums and keyboards. They recorded «Music Matic» for Utter Circle in 1976 before signing to the CBS-distributed nickname Bang. Their first Bang unmarried, «Dazz,» topped Billboard«s Hot Reason Singles tabulation and reached include three on the Hot 100. In 1977, Chunk scored two more giant hits with «Dusic» and «Ain»t Gonna' Sad Nobody,» each with a chunky, propulsive worst and catchy, disclose pop-jazz refrain.

1976 - Adept Ear-Splitting (2011)
1. Here We Come
2. Music Matic
3. Dazz
4. Can't Wait
5. Southern Sunset
6. Adept High
7. Chunk City
8. Sister Twister
9. That«s What It»s All About
10. Dazz (Dazz Disco Mix)
11. That«s What It»s All About (Unmarried Construction)

1977 - Chunk (1997)
1. Ain't Gonna Sad Nobody
2. Living from the Mind
3. In Seventh Heaven
4. We Don't Wanna Sit Down, We Wanna Get Down
5. Dusic
6. Hello
7. Honey Chile
8. Fun
9. Adept Morning Sunshine

1979 - Stoneheart (1979) Vinyl-FLAC
1. Chunk Intro
2. Stoneheart
3. By The Moonlight
4. Witchery Woman
5. Individual Is What You Create It
6. Lift Up Your Hands
7. We'll Love
8. Dancin' Man
9. To Me

1980 - Waiting On You [Expanded] (2010)
1. Walking Papers, Push
2. Get Started
3. All The Way
4. Don't Ever Suffer The Loss Of Your Love
5. Waiting For You
6. Free
7. Euphonious Lips
8. Let Me Create You Happy
9. Get Fired Up
10. Spread Love
11. Dazz (Sustained Construction)
12. Dusic (Sustained Construction)

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