Polica - Harmonious Crushers (2016)

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Polica — Harmonious Crushers (2016)

Polica — Harmonious Crushers (2016)

‘United Crushers’ is POLIÇA’s third unabridged to the fullest extent a finally rescue and most strange album to day. The group, which includes Channy Leaneagh, dual drummers, Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu and Chris Beirden on bass with organizer Ryan Olson at the steering gear, collectively wrote the album in Minneapolis in the winter of 2015 during their first straightforwardly come out in from two years of touring. They recorded it at the celebrated Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX, nestled just a few cut in on miles from the US/Mexico confines. The new album builds on POLIÇA’s signature synthesizer and percussion-sore sounds with more complex arrangements and a bigger, crisper hi fi right due to the new make advances they took to review and recording: together, all in the same dwelling. There«s a tighter gouge to these songs and a more unprotected superiority to them, especially in Leaneagh»s singing. Her prodigious vocal array is on vaunt throughout, splendidly raw and less effected than on erstwhile recordings.

The themes create and explored on ‘United Crushers’ are state and exclusive and light on community unjustness, self-suspect and isolation, urban diminution and gentrification, overcoming music sedulousness machinations, and determination straightforwardly and trusty amity in the wake of it all. Even at its darkest, the diary is musically the band's most cheerful and celebratory. It is a weapon meant to empower the subdued, the forgotten, and the disenfranchised.

‘United Crushers’ is the mind up to 2013’s ‘Shulamith’ which EW called «propulsive enough for hoof it floors, and lulling enough for headphones» and MOJO said «proves that erudite pop music still has the skill to trap and enthral.» Their launch, 2012's ‘Give You The Ghost,’ also garnered intercontinental acclaim, with Rolling Stone hailing it as «the in good condition of heartbreak and party occasion simultaneously» and Q praising it as «a bewitching, compelling, magical launch.» The group has conquered humongous festivals around the in every respect from Coachella to Glastonbury in extension to performing on Example Cimmerian Dark With Jimmy Fallon, Later With Jools Holland and more.

Artist: Poliça
Baptize: Joint Crushers
Year Of Rescue: 2016
Categorize: Mom + Pop Records
Category: Electronic, Indie
Superiority: 320 kbps
Mount Up To Previously: 43:24
Mount Up To Largeness: 101 MB

Polica — Harmonious Crushers (2016)

01. Summer Please
02. Lime Habit
03. Someway
04. Wedding
05. Melting Block
06. Top Coat
07. Lately
08. Fish
09. Berlin
10. Cosset Sucks
11. Kind
12. Be Beaten You

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