Lacuna Flake Down - Delirium [2016] FLAC CD

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Lacuna Flake Down — Delirium [2016] FLAC CD

Italian incomprehensible rockers LACUNA WIND will deliverance their new album, «Delirium», on May 27 via Century Media. The CD was recorded at BRX Studio in Milan between December 2015 and February 2016. The travail was produced by LACUNA WIND bassist and pre-eminent songwriter Marco «Maki» Coti-Zelati, with engineering by Marco Barusso and additional benefit from Dario Valentini. Coti-Zelati also created the artwork for «Delirium», which is based on an atmospheric sitting captured by Italian photographer Alessandro Olgiati.

Speaking to Saturday-Night Special periodical, LACUNA WIND chorister Cristina Scabbia stated about the lyrical themes covered on «Delirium»: «There«s a lot to say about it, and there»s a lot of things that we still need to reach, and a lot of things that can change-over during the function. But overall, it«s an album that will be centered on mania — that was the pre-eminent enlightenment for this album. From plain types of mania, like being in the same bed with your partaker and not talking to each other but having your phone in your employee, or something more serious and definite, like Stockholm Syndrome, where a himself loves another himself in a crazed way, even if it»s the immoral one. We even imagined that the sound list takes ready in classify of a infirmary or asylum, where different patients are effective us their stories.»

Asked if «Delirium» will be a compare favourably with description of list to 2014«s «Broken Culminate Halo», which had a «cinematic vibe» to it, Scabbia said: «Even more! And we»re already discussing condition clothes and condition setup for the globe-trot. I«ve always liked the showy side of the exhibit. I»ve never agreed with the bands that don«t even consider their look onstage, just because only music counts. Of course music counts — but if you go to a exhibit, you want to see a combination acting like they»re doing a exhibit. So I think costumes are impressive. It«s like going to the theater and seeing the actors without their correct clothes — it»s not the same! And simply, it«s more fun for the combination — putting on the costumes before you go onstage, it»s classify of a custom, and it puts you into the exhibit even more. It«s still you, but it»s a different side of yourself.»

Artist: Lacuna Coil
Appellation: Delirium
Year Of Deliverance: 2016
Sobriquet: Century Media
Species: Metal, Gothic Metal, Female Vocalists
Attribute: FLAC
Overall Every So Often: 00:57:20
Overall Judge: 453 mb

Lacuna Flake Down — Delirium [2016] FLAC CD

01. The Dynasty of Mortify 05:17
02. Subdued Things 03:59
03. Delirium 03:16
04. Blood, Tears, Dust 03:55
05. D 04:21
06. Take Me Domestic 03:45
07. You Preference Me Cause I Unwilling You 03:49
08. Ghost in the Befog 04:14
09. My Demons 03:56
10. Claustrophobia 04:08
11. Ultima Correlation 04:08
12. Persevere to Tell 05:29
13. Collapse 03:16
14. Bleed the Labour 03:47

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