Kraftwerk - Remastered Studio Discography 1974-2003 [FLAC]

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Kraftwerk — Remastered Studio Discography 1974-2003 [FLAC]

Kraftwerk — Remastered Studio Discography 1974-2003 [FLAC]

During the mid-«70s, Germany»s Kraftwerk established the sonic blueprint followed by an unique thousand of artists in the decades to come. From the British new impassioned crusade to hip-hop to techno, the group«s self-described «robot pop» -- hypnotically littlest, obliquely regular music performed solely via electronic means -- resonates in practically every new advancement to bearing the new pop scenery of the tardily — 20th century, and as pioneers of the electronic music ritual, their fancy-standing move cannot be overstated. Kraftwerk emerged from the same German experiential music community of the tardily »60s which also spawned Can and Tangerine Dream; excellent members Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter first met as authoritative music students at the Dusseldorf Conservatory, at teaming in the thousand Organisation and issuing a 1970 album, Freshen Up Bob, in the U.K. Schneider and Hütter soon disbanded Organisation, re-christening themselves Kraftwerk (German for «power station»), commencement drudgery on their own studio (later dubbed Kling Klang), and immersing their music in the fledgling terra of minimalist electronics; their 1971 enter, titled unreservedly Kraftwerk 1, offered a pointer of their unsurpassed aesthetic in its earliest ritual, already implementing innovations including Schneider's attempts at plotting homemade cadence machines.

A series of lineup shifts followed, and at one accentuate Hütter even nautical port the group; however, by the let of 1972«s Kraftwerk 2, he and Schneider were again working in tandem. Recorded without a remain drummer, the album»s rhythms relied solely on a drum contraption, creating a distinctly robotic take oneself to be sympathize without criterion -- the concept of purely technological music was, at the once in a while, unequivocally foreign to most musicians, as well as listeners. A series of well-received remain performances followed before Kraftwerk began drudgery on their breakthrough third LP, 1973«s Ralf and Florian; honing their many ambitions down to a few unpretentious yet extraordinarily innovative concepts, their music began growing more and more revelatory -- even their disinfected-cut, well-regulated clone was in focus competition to the supreme pop fashions of the once in a while. Kraftwerk»s first album to be issued in the U.S., 1974«s Autobahn was an far-reaching smash; an edited sole interpretation of the epic nickname course was a main hit at untroubled b in and about, and in America the once in a while past unbeknownst thousand reached the more elevated rungs of the pop albums plan. Performed in prominently on the whole on a Moog synthesizer, Autobahn crystallized the singular Kraftwerk valid while making the group»s first cleanly overtures towards usual pop build and euphoniousness, establishing a eternal foothold for electronic music within the mainstream.

Kraftwerk resurfaced in 1975 with Boom Box-Labour, a concept album exploring the exposition of boom box communication; indicative of the group«s new far-reaching acclaim, it was released in both German and English-style editions, the latter appearing betimes the following year. Trail touring emerged as the gist of 1977»s Trans-Europe Accurate, which obvious an increased crusade towards seeming harmonious mechanization; the columns d align became even further blurred with the adhere to-up, 1978«s aptly titled The Man Contraption, a drudgery almost wholly bereft of benefactor touches. By this once in a while, the members of Kraftwerk even publicly portrayed themselves as automatons, an clone solidified by tracks like «We Are the Robots.» Having reached the climax of their move, however, the thousand disappeared from objective, the first of many extended absences to follow; they did not reimbursement to function quondam to 1981»s Computer Terra, a meditation on the new far-reaching dominance of technology -- a intercourse their music fancy ago predicted and pre-dated. After topping the British charts with the sole «Computer Young Lady,» Kraftwerk again vanished, enjoying a five-year layoff culminating in the let of 1986«s Exciting Cafe. By now, however, pop music was dominated by synthesizers and drum machines, and the group»s stature flagged; but for a 1991 best-of hoard titled The Mix, they remained unspoken during most of the decade. They in the end released a new sole, «Expo 2000,» in tardily 1999, and surprised fans by announcing jaunt dates. On the recording fa, Kraftwerk eminent the centennial anniversary of the Jaunt de France with a new interpretation of their 1983 sole «Tour de France,» and followed with a broad album (Jaunt de France Soundtracks) in August 2003. The remain enumerate Nominal-Extreme followed in 2005.

Remastered Studio Discography:

1974 - Autobahn [2009 Digital Remaster]
1975 - Boom Box-Labour [2009 Digital Remaster]
1977 - Trans Europe Accurate [2009 Digital Remaster]
1978 - The Man-Contraption [2009 Digital Remaster]
1981 - Computer Terra [2009 Digital Remaster]
1986 - Techno Pop [2009 Digital Remaster]
1991 - The Mix [2009 Digital Remaster]
2003 - Jaunt de France [2009 Digital Remaster]


2005 - Nominal-Extreme [Remain]

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