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AC/DC«s 1986 report entitled «Who Made Who» is actually the music from the soundtrack «Maximim Overdrive» written by Stephen Sovereign. The unconditional soundtrack»s music was provided by AC/DC which was nonpareil principles for this flick picture show,which was about machines irresistible over, hence depicted in the kerfuffle b evasion «Who Made Who». There are some nonpareil rocker«s here pulled from the various AC/DC catalog (the several exceptions being the right kerfuffle b evasion «Who Made Who», «D.T.» and «Chase The Ace» which made their premiere on this album) such as «Hells Bells» and «You Shook Me All Blackness Long» (from Break In Deathly), «Sink The Pink» and «Shake Your Foundations» (from Fly On The Immure),«Ride On» (from Soiled Deeds Done Indecency Second-Rate)and «For Those About To Crag (We Homage You)» (from the album For Those About To Crag...). I purchased this cd just for the three above mentioned songs «Who Made Who», «D.T.» and «Chase The Ace», the last two are ... kicking helpful rockers and are unparalleled to this album (or cd in this if it happens). Those of you who recall watching «Maximum Overdrive» will instantly have flashbacks when hearing these three songs. The kerfuffle b evasion «Who Made Who» opens the flick picture show with an stunning car pile-up due to a drawbridge vacancy on it»s own as cars are lined up on top. Overall disorder erupts as the cross over opens and cars disaster into one another and a motorcylist and car drop into the river below. Also, the kerfuffle b evasion «Chase The Ace» is played during a a car pursuit stage setting where a Mack commodities driving with no one at the , continues to posterior end a newlywed couple«s car until the commodities ends up going over an embankment and going up in flames. «D.T.» is played as a teenaged boy rides his bike down a neighborhood terrace and sprinklers and a lawnmower seem to have a out for of their own and go on for no manifest acceptable. This newly remastered cd is ten times better than it»s non-remastered translation, with the sum total increased, the mid-organize and seat end pumped up as well. The digipack that houses the cd is luring and there«s also a fifteen errand-boy booklet enclosed that has facts about the soundtrack «Maximum Overdrive», the making of «Who Made Who» and color photos of the tie. This is a must have for all AC/DC lovers and fans of 80»s crag. Well Recommended!

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01 - Who Made Who.wma
02 - You Shook Me All Blackness Long.wma
03 - D.T..wma
04 - Drill The Pink.wma
05 - Execute On.wma
06 - Hells Bells.wma
07 - Disquiet Your Foundations.wma
08 - Pursuit The Ace.wma
09 - For Those About To Crag.wma

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