Jeff Beck - Physical + (2015) FLAC Beolab1700

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Jeff Beck — Breathing + (2015) FLAC Beolab1700

Jeff Beck — Physical + (2015) FLAC Beolab1700

Jeff Beck — Breathing +

Artist...............: Jeff Beck
Album................: Breathing +
Genre................: Blues/Rock
Source...............: WEB FLAC
Year.................: 2015
Codec................: Free Of Charge Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Version..............: quotation libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917
Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 67 %)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit
Tags.................: VorbisComment

Posted by............: Beolab1700 on 18/05/2015


01. Prejudiced (Breathing) (2:56)
02. Morning Dew (Breathing) (4:32)
03. You Know You Know (Breathing) (6:31)
04. Why Give Up It Away (Breathing) (3:40)
05. A Substitution Is Gonna Come (Breathing) (7:20)
06. A Day In The Existence (Breathing) (5:01)
07. Superstition (Breathing) (4:01)
08. Hammerhead (Breathing) (3:46)
09. Little Wing (Breathing) (3:51)
10. Big Stump (Breathing) (5:07)
11. Where Were You (Breathing) (3:17)
12. Danny Boy (Breathing) (1:34)
13. Rollin« And Tumblin» (Breathing) (6:13)
14. Going Down (Breathing) (5:18)
15. Tribal (3:06)
16. My Tiled Milk-White Perplex (5:17)


Jeff Beck earned raves last year for his enrapturing performances during the hugely booming doppelgaenger-folding money visit with ZZ TOP. Fans can relive Beck’s galvanizing guitar gymnastics from those shows with a new breathing album that touches on key eras from the epic artist’s dominant business. The album captures a snapshot of Jeff’s effort in 2014, with two newly recorded studio tracks also included, his first new music since 2010’s Grammy®-triumphant Feeling & Commotion.

Overflowing with more than an hour of music, JEFF BECK LIVE+ will be available from Atco Records, an imprint of Rhino Amusement, on May 5 and will also be available digitally. The album will make one's appearance as Beck is in the centre of an East Skim individual visit, which includes newly added dates in May. This trek also features transmute-up dates from the same ZZ TOP visit this album was recorded during, before it was cut meagre due to an wound to ZZ TOP bassist Dusty Hill.

The 14 breathing performances on JEFF BECK LIVE+ were recorded at multiple venues in 2014 and drawn in Beck backed by his confederate: chorister Jimmy Theatre, bassist Rhonda Smith, drummer Jonathan Joseph and guitarist Nicolas Meier. The quintet explored Beck’s tremendous catalog—which stretches across five decades—with performances of “Morning Dew” (from Actually, 1968), “Superstition” (from Beck, Bogert, Appice, 1973), “Big Block” (from Jeff Beck’s Guitar Look For, 1989), as well as two Grammy-triumphant tracks: his cover-up of the Beatles’ “A Day In The Life” and “Hammerhead.”

BREATHING + concludes with two new studio tracks: “Tribal” and “My Tiled Milk-White Perplex,” with customer vocals from Ruth Lorenzo and Veronica Bellino, respectively. These warlike new songs assess Beck’s first studio recordings since 2010 and pretentiousness a birth departure from the rosy on his preceding album as the guitarist continues to urge the envelope of tuneful invention, just as he has his unconditional business. These tracks are sure to increase the hunger of Beck fans as the guitarist prepares his 17th studio album, which is expected later this year.

Throughout his business, Beck has also proven to be a able interpreter of other’s songs. This breathing album doesn’t foil with covers of “Danny Boy,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing,” Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “You Know You Know,” and Sam Cooke’s “A Substitution Is Gonna Come.”

Beck’s business took off in the mid — 1960s, after replacing Eric Clapton as leash guitarist for The Yardbirds on the praise of his bird Jimmy Call. He played on several of the poverty-stricken group’s hits, such as “Heart Enormously of Anima,” “Shapes of Things” and “Over Under Edge On Down.” Beck has been inducted into the Poverty-Stricken and Listing Theatre of Prominence twice: once with The Yardbirds in 1992 and again as a individual artist in 2009. He has won numerous Grammy Awards, including two in 2011.


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