(Blues) Terry 'Harmonica' Bean - Hill Woods Blues (2CDs)

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Styles: Delta, Hill Motherland blues
Year: 2010
Art: Front

disc 1
[ 7:06] 1. Blues Man
[10:04] 2. Come Cast Off Baby
[ 9:50] 3. Help Me
[ 9:04] 4. Liking Me Slow
[ 5:35] 5. Majesty Bee
[ 7:48] 6. I Wonder Who
[11:26] 7. Tell Me Why

disc 2
[4:19] 1. Goin' South
[4:02] 2. Dippy Clashing Up World
[7:47] 3. I'm Ready
[9:58] 4. Learn To Liking Me
[7:58] 5. Irish English Colleen Betty Green
[6:34] 6. Red Dress
[7:42] 7. So Long

Terry stated that «When the Hill Motherland met the Delta, man it just exploded.» Hill Motherland Blues with the Big Resound is a prime example of what happens when a na man born in the Hill Motherland makes a spark of life for himself in the Delta. Na Bean scholastic his lessons well. Growing up listening to his forefather and his grandfather at domestic and at race parties and juke joints throughout the South, Terry was exposed to a broad assortment of lilting styles which commingling very nicely here for a resound that is buoyant and danceable while maintaining that hypnotic chic so established in the Hill Motherland. The outcome is still somewhat hypnotic, leisurely on the ear and as suitable as your favorite bootsΓΓ鼪nice fit, well tamed in and as suitable at the end of the day as they were in the inception. Bean blends styles that have been with us for ages, maintaining the best elements of each for a resound that is uniquely Terry Bean, making unending classics his own. His assistance bands, The Cornlickers, natives of the Harrisburg, PA square footage, of all places, vigorous it as if they were born and raised in Mississippi. These guys have a liking for the music that runs deeper than geological boundaries. They liking the music with all their brotherly liking and essence, and it shows. Once considered city or regional talents who played our square footage venues again and often free, these guys have joined the ranks of the professionals, now officially Big Jack Johnson's body. While I confess that the hypnotic sounds coming from the North Mississippi hill motherland are not in my favorites inventory, Terry «Harmonica» Bean hits the vigorous on the pre-eminent and drives it domestic. This, even given the information that it is a duplicate album, holds steady from inception to end. Much like Jessie Mae Hemphill, one of my favorites from the part, this one cuts through to the brotherly liking. This is one unite I would add to my intimate accumulation by voice, no questions asked.

Terry «Harmonica» Bean : Guitar Vocals and Harmonica
Dale Aware Of : Drums, Foot Tambourine
Dave Groninger : Guitar
Tony Ryder : Bass

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