(2015) Andy Shauf - The Bearer Of Bad Tidings [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}

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(2015) Andy Shauf — The Bearer Of Bad Gossip

Like the lengthy, bitter-cold prairie winters during which it was recorded, Andy Shauf’s sophomore LP, The Bearer of Bad Gossip, is both sinister and fair, relationship the variety of blas pique of a bedroom lamp lit after a five p.m. sunset. Recorded in his basement in Regina, Saskatchewan over the course of two years and written over four, it has the profound, courtly ardour of being worked on, but not overworked.

The 11 tracks here are decidedly rustic at compassion, with a hushed, Harsh ardour akin to originally Elliott Smith albums, an acknowledged pull of Shauf’s. The foresight is outlandish, with Shauf supplying all the vocals and instrumentation preserve for drums on one apprehend. From the hardened-strand strumming of the light-hearted opener “Hometown Hero” to the apprehensiveness crawl of “Wendell Walker,” he paints a descriptive personification of ashamed-village spirit and forsaken folks looking inward with hopeless lines like “Now this before winter was the coldest in years/It’s discriminating to detail if you’ve never lived here.” Shauf’s trade mark of Canadiana is fundamental in society music, but the suavity of his arrangements reveals a discriminating pop sensibility that saves it from wallowing too far downwards in the sepia-toned doldrums. His artful and often dissonant clarinet and strand orchestrations on songs like “I’m Not Falling Asleep” and “The Man on Stage” add a richness of color that belies the album’s superficially somber manner. The Bearer of Bad Gossip may be a sad, introspective album, but Shauf’s lyrical poeticism and multidimensional musicality are what sets it apart from others of its ilk.


(2015) Andy Shauf — The Bearer Of Bad Tidings [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}

1. Hometown Hero
2. Draught My Rivers
3. I’m Not Falling Asleep
4. Covered In Dust
5. Wendell Walker
6. You’re Out Wasting
7. The Man On Stage
8. Jesus, She’s A Avail Girl
9. Lick Your Wounds
10. Jerry Was A Clerk
11. My Loved Helen

Realm: Canada
Class: Indie-Folk

Media Dispatch:
Roots : CD
Style : FLAC
Format/Info : Undo Lossless Audio Codec, 16-bit PCM
Bit proportion rank set-up : Variable
Bit proportion rank : ~615-934 Kbps
Course(s) : 2 channels
Sampling proportion rank : 44.1 KHz
Bit reconditeness : 16 bits

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